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Australian Pythons
Australian Addiction Reptiles - Smithfield & Logan, UT

In 2002 I met Benson Morrill, and our common interest in reptiles led us to combine forces as partners in the reptile breeding business. Ben had bred ball pythons and boas and was very interested in getting into some of the new ball morph projects as well as some carpet python projects. Ben and I got a pair of het piebald ball pythons in the summer of 2003, and were thrilled to have the male breed with three females which laid eggs this summer. In 2005, our female het pied laid 3 eggs, 2 of which turned out to be pieds. That did the trick, and we were hooked on ball morphs.

Python - USA - Woma Pythons

After years of diversity we’re now focused entirely on breeding WOMA Pythons, the most awesome snake we have worked with. We are not a snake factory and aim for quality rather than quantity. Our goal is to produce and distribute Living Art: statements of exquisite form and rare beauty in the Woma (Aspidites Ramsayi). No exports undertaken.

Reptiles by Andrew Hare - Kansas City, KS

I currently work with a variety of herps but Jungle Carpet Pythons are my primary focus. I believe there medium build, hardiness, and striking beauty make them a great choice for beginners and advanced reptile aficionados alike. In addition to working with reptiles and field-herping, I enjoy spending as much time as I can outdoors and being that I am a graduate from the University of Kansas with a degree in Environmental Sciences this is no surprise.

Reptilicus Reptiles - North Carolina - Carpet Pythons

Reptilicus Reptiles : We specialize in spectacular Carpet Pythons, namely Jungles, Coastals, and Jaguars. We are extremely selective, offering only the most healthy and attractive animals possible.

Rocky Top

Spitfire Reptiles - WA

Carpet Pythons and other snakes

Wayne's World of Snakes -TX

Diamonds and Pie-Balds and Mandarins

Ball Pythons
8 Ball Pythons - Bel Air, Maryland

8 Ball Pythons is my addiction and my passion. I work exclusively with ball pythons and always will. They are and always have been my favorite animal. I am a ball python GEEK. My friends and family are kind enough to tolerate my insane ramblings about ball pythons that consume every aspect of my life. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Alan Bosch Reptiles: Investment Quality Balls - Ladson, SC

Specializing in Piebald, Albino, Granite, Pastel Jungle, Butterscotch Ghost, Burgundy, Spider, Yellowbelly, Honeyball and Designer Morph combinations of Ball Pythons.

Ball Boutique, Inc - Aston, PA

Working with the following ball morphs: Albinos ~ Axanthics ~ Clowns ~ Caramel Albinos ~ Genetic Stripe ~ Green Ghosts ~ Lesser Platinum ~ Mojave ~ Pastels ~ Piebald ~ Spiders

Ball Python - IL

My first ball python purchase was an albino male and two 100% het females from Brian Barczyk. Slowly I started buying more balls and one by one I began selling my other species. I`ve now went full circle with this process to the point where my collection is now ball pythons and a small group of colubrids. I really enjoy working with the balls, they combine small size, docile dispositions, and a virtually infinite amount of genetic possibilities.

Ball Python - Covington, LA

Today's Ball Python market is stronger and more exciting than it has ever been. With new morphs being proven out every year, the possibilties are... endless! Here at we understand what it takes to get in on this rewarding venture and we are prepared to offer many different options suited to fit nearly any budget. We intend to maintain the HIGH quality that we have been known for while also offering price stability to protect your investments. An Exotics by Nature Company

Camlon Reptiles - Riverside, CA

We are in our sixth year as breeders and have no plans of stopping, and have a simple Mission Statement that we’ve compiled for Camlon Reptiles. We strive to own and produce the highest quality animals possible and guarantee your complete satisfaction. Our success and yours are our major concern and will do everything possible to achieve both. We appreciate every customer – past, present, and future - and realize that without you Camlon Reptiles would not exist!

Graziani Reptiles - FL?

We have been breeding ball pythons since 1992 and in 1997 three important events took place here at Graziani Reptiles. First, we produced the first seven captive bred Pastel Jungle ball pythons, second, we acquired our imported Cinnamon Pastel male, and third, we made the decision to breed ball pythons exclusively. That’s right, no more shoveling horse manure out of snake cages!

Harford Reptile breeding center - Bel Air, MD

We specialize in breeding Angolan Pythons, and Ball Python color and pattern mutations. Although we may have some snakes available throughout the year, we usually have babies available in early summer through fall, when the eggs hatch and the animals are feeding and well established.

Living Art Reptiles

We work with a small collection which allows us to really focus on care and maintenance of our Reptiles. We follow all safety (quarantine) measures when it pertains to maintaining a quality collection. We will not miss-lead the linage of a reptile to make sale. We are not a Ball Python breeding mill; we do not mass produce to make a profit.

RC Reptiles - North Eastern Pennsylvania

Royal Gem Reptiles

We work exclusively with quality Ball Python stock: The Gem of Reptiles! Royal Gem Reptiles is just starting to work with the reptile-keeping community and there is much in store for the future! For quality investement Ball Pythons, look no further!

Bearded Dragons
Bearded Dragon Breeders and Suppliers Network

Lists Dragon Breeders bv State
The aim of this network is to create one location where you can find breeders and suppliers of Bearded Dragons who have adopted a common ethics policy. It is designed to help provide you with the ability to avoid those pet stores and breeders that sell very small, too young or sickly Bearded Dragons. Member Listing by State

ARX Reptiles - NJ

Producers Of Top Quality Bearded Dragons & Snakes

Bearded Dragons and other Creatures - Honey Brook, Pa

We are private breeders (a husband/wife team) of bearded dragons - specializing in the many different color morphs of bearded dragons ( Pogona Vitticeps ). We purchased our first bearded dragon many years ago as a hatchling and our collection has now grown to about 150 adults.

Bonita Bearded Dragons - Bonita Springs, FL

We breed high color bearded dragons from Sandfire Dragons, Dragons, My bearded Dragons, Georgia ,Bearded Dragons, Chris Allen and a few more. We produced 300 dragons in 2006 and will produce over 500 in 2007.

Bearded Dragons - FL

We are a private breeder of bearded dragons..Many Different colors.. Individual Photos..We also raise some Geckos and build custom cages. On our web site we have caresheets and supplies available.

Here there be Dragonz - PA

First of all, we need to stress that we are a family owned and operated business and we started out, as many people do, by purchasing Bearded and Frilled Dragons as pets. This is where the distinctions bet - ween ourselves and many other "breeders" began.
We have a large family; (my Wife,myself, and five kids), and when my daughter evinced an interest in a Bearded Dragon as a pet, I did not simply go to a pet store and buy one.

Bearded Dragons Sunshinedragons - Langhorne, PA is a small independent bearded dragon breeder located outside of Philadelphia PA. We have been breeding bearded dragons since 1995 when we bought our first bearded dragon Spike

Blood Pythons - Louisville, KY

We understand fully that buying a snake online, especially for the first time, can be overwhelming. We want your experience to be wonderful. We will be more than happy to guide you to thermostats, cages, heating supplies, husbandry supplies or anything else you may need.

The Blood Line - Keith McPeek N.J

We at the Blood Line specialize in breeding the most unique morphs of blood and short-tailed pythons available, with a lifelong love of reptiles, and 15 years experience breeding pythons, with an emphasis on the curtus complex.

Boas - Exotic
Boas - Exotic AJF Reptiles - NY

Thanks for visiting AJF Reptiles ...I pledge to provide only the highest quality animals!
Thanks Andy Federico

Baker's Boas - WI

Designer of Boa Morphs Located in Wisconsin

Basically Boas - Victorville, Ca

Here at 'Basically Boas' we keep and breed a wide variety of Boas!!
We currently have a great selection of BCC and BCI stock. We always stay up with the ever growing Boa Morph market so that we can supply our customers with the best selection of quality Boa Morphs!

Boa Basement - Cleveland Heights, OH

Boa Morphs

Chad Horne Reptiles

Welcome to Chad Horne Reptiles, we specialize in Boa Constrictor Morphs and Locality Boas. Throughout this site you will see my determination and dedication to produce High Quality Boas.

Constrictors Northwest - Ocean Shores, WA

Ultra Fine Boa Constrictors Boa Morphs Hypo Hogs Hypo Siblings Silverback bolivians DH sunglow poss trip het het albino poss het anery Coral Albino Boa care Avail/ Pythons Cages / Supply Breeding Boas

Jimi’s Snakes -

We specialize in Boas and their amazing morphs and distinct locales.
Here at Jimi’s Snakes we thrive on customer service and knowledge of all our snakes. We guarantee every snake that leaves this facility is in perfect health. The Boas we breed here have been hand-picked from throughout the U.S.A. and of the very best bloodlines available. Your satisfaction is our main concern


Specializing in captive bred Red Tail Boas - San Antonio, Texas

I Have Brazilian Rainbow Boas, Colombian Rainbow Boas and Jungle Carpet Pythons for sale.

Reptiles of RA - Sand Boas

Hello, and welcome to reptiles of RA. We are located in the rainy state of Oregon about one hour from the Pacific ocean. I have been involved in the keeping and breeding of snakes ever since I lived in southern California.

Rio Bravo Reptiles - Texas

Rio Bravo Reptiles is the expression of one man’s passion for nature and natural systems and a love of the reptiles. We do not offer intergrades or popular morphs. Our goal is to produce the finest locality Boas and other reptiles available. Rio Bravo Reptiles sells what we produce and we stand behind what we sell. - Mesa, AZ

We are excited to be producing some of the most amazing investment quality Boa Constrictors available today, including Salmons, Salmon Sunglows, SuperSalmons, SuperSalmon Sunglows, Original Strain Albino's, Sharp Strain Albino's, Sharp Strain Sunglows, Snows, T+ Argentines, Blood Boa's, and the incredible Bloody Salmons! We also produced the rare Boa Constrictor Sabogae this season and they are magnificant!

Spangler Serpents -

Here at SpanglerSerpents we are dedicated to producing high quality Boas and Boa Morphs. We are currently working on many exciting projects including: Sunglows, Co-Dom Stripes, Coral Albinos, Salmontines, PastelHypos and many more. Of course we are always refining our Pastels (through selective breeding) to produce the most clean, colorful mind-blowing Boas possible.

The Boa Store - Sneedville TN

Captive-Bred Boas: Colombian / Columbian Red-Tail Boa Constrictors For Sale
When you purchase a boa constrictor from, you not only get a healthy, beautiful, captive-bred/captive born boa that will give you enjoyment for years to come. You also get expert advice from Paul and Sharon Moore, the owners of The Boa Store. Sharon and Paul are glad to answer questions that may arise before your purchase and in the days and years after your purchase.

West Coast Constrictors - specialists in Dwarf Boas

Here at West Coast Constrictors our main focus is keeping and breeding of insular “dwarf” boas. These boas exhibit a wide variety of varying patterns, colors, sizes, temperaments and body structures.
The secondary focus is on the wide range of boa morphs, or “designer” boas. The list of boa morphs is a complicated arrangement and combination of different genetic traits and mutations. These traits or mutations could include either color or pattern changes or even combinations of both.

Boas - Local
American Desert Boas - Carlsbad, CA

Welcome to American Desert Boas! Our collection of captive bred locality pure and designer rosy boas represents the most interesting and impressive examples of color and stripe morphology. This rare captive breeding colony of locality pure rosy boas was established through many generations of careful selective breeding and outbreeding to achieve the most beautiful and robust rosy boas for each locality.

Randy Wright Reptiles - Alta Loma, CA

Rosy Boas and a wide selection of other locality Rosy Boas from California, Arizona, Baja and Mainland Mexico. Randy is known for offering a wide range of locality pure rosy boas and albinos. He also breeds high quality kingsnakes, milksnakes, and gila monsters.

Burmese Pythons, Inc. - Bartlett, IL, Inc. is a Burmese Python Breeder company focused on COMPLETE customer support! Any question you ask will be answered in detail! If we don't know something, we will find the answer for you! You can call Phil or Josh with any question - they are SUPER happy to talk snakes with anyone who shares the passion.

Canopy Chameleons - TX

We specialize in breeding and raising Panther Chameleons as well as other species of chameleons.
We have been keeping and breeding chameleons for many years. We have been selling chameleons in the Austin, Texas Metro area for over 5 years.

Dream & Fantasy Creations - Costa Mesa, Ca

Welcome to Dream & Fantasy Creations, breeders of quality Veiled Chameleons, Panther Chameleons, Jackson Chameleons, unique products, gifts, & hand made items. If you are in the area or planning to be, you may call or e-mail and make an appointment to see any of our animals or products.

Mythical Chameleons - Orlando, FL

I am veterinarian in Orlando, FL that own's my own clinic and I have always had a passion for reptiles. I obtained my first chameleon in 1995 and from there, the love for these reptiles grew without limits. I have published several short case reports for the Chameleon Information Network and am very passionate about my work, both in and outside of the clinic setting.

Prism Chameleons - Maryland, USA

Prism Chameleons, LLC is owned and operated by Jenna Tynan in Maryland, USA. Despite two university degrees, panther chameleons became her passion and love. Her dedication, attention, and constant care provides happy and healthy chameleons, as it has become her primary job for which she dedicates her time 7 days a week to ensure their care.

Screameleons - Reston, VA

We are the ONLY chameleon breeder to offer complete bloodline, health, feeding, and breeding records online! Our Web-based system allows customers to keep track of their animal’s information. This is especially important for our breeder customers. Being able to verify the pedigree of your animals is extremely helpful in any breeding project. Our customers have access to our online tracking system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The Chameleon Company - FL

We are breeders of Old World Chameleons (see ABOUT US), working primarily with the Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis), a species endemic to the island nation of Madagascar, off the southeast coast of Africa.

Colubrids - general
Applegate Reptiles - Campo, CA

Applegate Reptiles has been known for over twenty-five years as a breeder of quality and rare reptiles. Our name is on two strains of snakes - the Applegate Arizona Mountain Kingsnake and the Applegate San Diego Gopher Snake.
We will continue to produce some of the finest Colubrid snakes and Heloderma.

Artistic Investments - CA

" Home of the famous Arizona Mountain Kingsnakes ! " PYROS | THAYERI | GREY BANDS | HONDURANS | CAL KINGS | SINALOANS

Bayou Reptiles - Schriever, LA

King Snakes Corn Snakes Milk Snakes Rat Snakes Misc Snakes

Dave Doherty - TX

Gray-banded Kingsnakes, Milk Snakes

Exotic A.R.C. - St. Louis, MO

The Exotic A.R.C. has been in business, at our present location, since 1995. Prior to that, we were known as Gateway City Reptile Propagation. Colubrid breeding has always been our main focus, specializing in producing large quantities of "pet shop type" snakes such as king snakes, corn snakes and milk shakes. While we boast prices below normal retail, we also sell wholesale to shops, jobbers and large purchasers.

Houston Herp Supply - Kingwood, Texas

Houston Herpetological Supply was begun in March of 1993 as a wholesale reptile and amphibian supplier for the pet trade in the Houston, Texas area. Over the years our emphasis has shifted to developing a breeder program composed of animals of the highest quality at a fair price, while still giving the quality service needed to satisfy both the beginner and the advanced hobbyist.

JH Reptiles - Montclair, NJ

I believe that my breeders represent some of the finest examples available anywhere. All offspring sold is healthy and flawless in every way. Most of my animals were purchased from reputable breeders from both the U.S. and Europe or they were collected by myself. I currently maintain a collection of around eighty adult breeders and work with around fifteen species , so most offspring sold can usually be purchased as unrelated pairs.

P Car's Reptiles - TX

Our specialty here at PCars Reptiles is captive bred Pantherophis guttatus guttatus, commonly known as the Corn Snake or Red Rat Snake.

Corn Snakes
Corn - Kathy Love

I've been interested in herps (reptiles & amphibians, collectively) since early childhood. I grew up absorbed with all wildlife, including early fascinations with horses, cats & dogs. Being a veterinarian was the first career I ever dreamed of obtaining. I learned about herps through TV, visiting the local Milwaukee Zoo and Museum of Natural History, and through books.

MO - St. Charles, Missouri

At MoReptiles, we offer a large selection of the most popular corn snake varieties. Our personal customer service and satisfaction guarantee insure that you will have a great experience with your new corn snake.

South Mountain Reptiles - Canyon Lake, TX

Corn snakes, also known as red rat snakes, Elaphe guttata guttata, are one of the easiest snake species to keep in captivity. No other snake has the variety of color and pattern morphs that the corn does. Adult corns generally attain lengths between 3.5 and 4.5 feet long. Research keeping corn snakes before getting one and I recommend a captive hatched snake over a wild one. Captive bred corns are generally parasite and disease free and you help reduce the damage to wild habitat done by collectors and catchers by discouraging wild snake sales.

Geckos : Leopard
Leopard Gecko Registry

List of all registered Breeders of Leopard geckos in the USA. No links

Pro Geckos - Reno, NV

My name is Cody Castellanos and I am a small private breeder of leopard and fat-tail geckos whose goal is to produce "superior quality" geckos.

The Leopard Gecko Rage - Boerne, TX

Breeding mutations with mutations accelerates the rate of variation. The leopard gecko is becoming the Koi Carp of herps. Extensive articles in the March 2000 & March 2005 issues of REPTILES MAGAZINE cover all these wonders!

West Coast Leopard Gecko

Offering the very best:
Raptors, Sunglows, Diablo Blancos, Albinos, Tangerines, Blazing , Blizzard and Normals.
These leopard geckos will be available in 2007- 2008.

Geckos : Other
Captive Bred Geckos - Boulder, Colorado

Located in Boulder, Colorado since 1994, Captive Bred Geckos provides high quality, captive bred terrestrial geckos to the discriminating collector, gecko enthusiast, and pet hobbyist alike. We have over 20 years experience keeping and breeding reptiles which includes extensive work with leopard geckos and other ground dwelling gecko species, many of the king and milksnake species of the Americas, and several desert lizard species indigenous to the Southwestern United States.

Day - Leeds, AL

Day Geckos for sale, List and pictures of a number of the species in the genus, and lots more.

Down East Herps - Waterville, ME

DownEast Herps is an enterprise of Dr. Alan Slack. Reptile husbandry has been a lifelong hobby and avocation for me that began many years ago with a rescued Garter Snake in urban Chicago of all places. Reptiles have also been an interesting adjunct to my career as a veterinarian.

Gecko Ranch - Woodland, CA

Julie Bergman, owner of Gecko Ranch, is a member of: Pet Industrial Joint Advisory Council(PIJAC) Global Gecko Association Lifetime member Northern California Herpetological Society, NCHS Specializing in captive propagation of rare and endangered Phelsuma (Day Geckos). - Vista, CA maintains the biggest and most diverse colony of Rhacodactylus leachianus, the largest of the living geckos. We thus offer the largest selection of this species, accurately represented as to origins.

Golden Gate Geckos - CA

I produce beautiful, healthy, established Leopard Geckos in hypo, tangerine, jungle, bold stripe, patternless, Mack snow, albino, blizzard, and Aptor/Raptor morphs. I am also now working with Western Bandeds and Australian Smooth Knobtails.

Heather Rae Reptiles - Los Angeles CA

Heather Rae Reptiles specializes in the captive care and breeding of various geckos. We provide our customers with the highest possible quality geckos.
All available animals are from captive breeding and all available animals were produced by Heather Rae Reptiles in captivity unless otherwise stated.

Herpetological Institute for Scientific Study (HISS) - Fort Worth, TX

Dedicated to the study, appreciation, and conservation of reptiles and amphibians through captive propagation.
Leopard Geckos , Enigma Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos

JMG reptile - Hudson, OH

At JMG reptile our goal is to offer the best quality reptiles. We offer some of the best color morphs in leopard geckos. We selectively breed leopard geckos with the best traits. We also consistently out breed into new blood lines to ensure top quality animals.

Joe Farah's Privately Bred Reptiles - Day Gekos

Hello. My name is Joe Farah and I keep and breed reptiles as a hobby. I keep a small, closed, private collection of some of my favorite species, (Neon Day Geckos, Giant Day Geckos) whose offspring are occasionally offered for sale to the public. This site is dedicated to my reptile collection, my breeding projects, and my enthusiasm for herpetology.

Milwaukee Reptiles - Milwaukee, WI

We are a private breeding facility (not a retail location) and do not allow visitors without prior approval. We are currently located on the southern side of the Merto area of Milwaukee, WI, and we operate out of our home. We hope to open a retail location in the future (not anytime soon!).

Ryan Turnquist Reptiles - Fenton, MO

I am a small private breeder exclusively focusing on crested geckos (Rhacodactylus ciliatus). I chose to solely focus on crested geckos because of their easy captive care, high breeding rates, unique physique and wide variety of available color morphs, which makes this specie a true joy to keep and breed.

SGV Reptiles - Day Gekos

Specializing in Captive Bred Phelsumas and Ailuronyx. Mainly our collection consists of Phelsuma, commonly known as Day geckos. We are currently working with 7 species in the Phelsuma genus, and are always looking to expand our collection. Phelsuma are relatively fast, have somewhat fragile skin, and are not nearly as handleable as other gecko species. Most Phelsuma with their daily activity, and brilliant coloration make for excellent display animals in naturally planted vivariums.

Sandhills Exotics - Western Nebraska

Tangerine Gecko - Central CA

Tangerine Gecko is a family project run by myself and my kids, Ted and Anna. Originally from Ohio, I received my B.S. and M.S. in Zoology from the University of Rhode Island. I also completed several years of graduate work at the University of Hawaii before moving to California when my husband began his job here. Currently, I am an adjunct biology instructor at a community college here in central California.

The Gecko Basement -

We are a small breeder specializing in tangerines, SHTCTs, HTCTs, Hybinos and Giants also I have a very nice group of Tremper Jungle Albinos, a male and 3 females. I also breed veiled chameleons and will have Giant Day geckos and amel o. castlenaui this year too !

Tim Tytle Lizards - Oklahoma City, OK

For over thirty years, Tim Tytle has acquired geckos from around the world to produce a captive bred collection unlike any other. Tim Tytle pioneered husbandry techniques that herpetoculturists continue to follow today.

Trempers Lizard Ranch

USA Geckos - MA is dedicated to producing and raising healthy and happy Leopard, Fat Tail, Crested, and Gargoyle Geckos. Each gecko gets individualized care and attention.

Absolute Reptile Resource Center - CA

Our promise and guarantee is very simple: Any animal(s) pictured will directly reflect the animal you are choosing to purchase. We will not knowingly sell weak, unhealthy, or otherwise disfigured reptiles. All animals that we sell will have their exact picture displayed. If the animal in question falls into a general category, such as Leopard Geckos, the picture will reflect the average appearance and health of all those animals for sale.

Anthony Caponetto Reptiles - Kansas City

My primary interests are in Carpet Pythons and Crested Geckos, but they aren't the only species I keep. I have a number of other reptiles, which are mostly other Pythons and Geckos. However, you'll also see some different species pictured throughout my website, which I own or have owned in the past.

Bay Arear - Tampa Bay, FL

Bay Area Reptiles was started by Ray & Ann-Marie in 2004. While maintaining our full-time jobs, we slowly began to acquire our inventory. We decided that our niche in the market would be to provide the public with quality reptiles at a reasonable price. We decided that we should utilize the reptile show circuit that we had enjoyed attending as customers. Our first show as vendors was in November 2004 in Tallahassee, Florida. Because of our conservative and well-organized approach to retailing reptiles, we became quite successful at it

Bay State Reptiles - MA

We at Bay State Reptiles offer you the best quality. If you purchase a animal and you are having a problem with it, you need to call us right away so that we can fix it. We offer a 7 day warranty on all of our animals. If we don't have what you are looking for we can try to help you locate it.

Big Easy - LA

We have been keeping reptiles since 1980 and captive breeding, since 1992 We are currently working with Cornsnakes, Kingsnakes, Bull Snakes, Pueblans, Leopard Geckos and Feeder Roaches.

Captive Bred Excellence - NV

Captive Bred Excellence is a small family hobby/business with the #1 priority being the proper care and enjoyment of the various species we maintain. Blue Tongues ] [ Jungle Carpets ] [ Louisiana Pines ] [ Tarahumara mt kings ] [ Honduran milks ] [ Brooks kings ] [ California kings ] [ Rosy Boas ]

Cherryville Farms - Santa Fe, Texas

Cherryville farms is located in Santa Fe, Texas and is owned by John & Cindy Cherry. We closed the import business in 1978 and began private breeding only. Currently we house approximately 380 reptiles in our current collection.

Constrictors Unlimited - Oklahoma City, OK

I decided to have a diverse collection consisting of Ball Pythons, Boas, Reticulated Pythons and Burmese Pythons. I love them all, but I really like the big snakes. My reptile business has become very successful. I am still reinvesting most of the profit in new breeding stock, cages and FOOD. I believe that the main reason for my success is treating my customers right. I spend many hours on the phone or answering e-mails from customers and future customers and I am always happy to help if I can.

Cypress Creek Reptiles - FL

Along with the Ball Pythons I've also developed a nice collection of Boas, including Albinos (Brian Sharp line) and Guyanans acquired from several different sources. My Australian Pythons include Black Heads, Diamonds, and Womas. The Black Heads being the only ones I have yet to produce (hopefully this will be the year for them).

Diamond Reptile - Florida

Our promise and guarantee is very simple: Any animal(s) pictured will directly reflect the animal you are choosing to purchase. We will not knowingly sell weak, unhealthy, or otherwise disfigured reptiles. All animals that we sell will have their exact picture displayed. If the animal in question falls into a general category, such as Leopard Geckos, the picture will reflect the average appearance and health of all those animals for sale.

East Bay Vivarium - Berkeley, CA

At the East Bay Vivarium, we specialize in the captive production of a wide selection of reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids. Our store supplies zoos, educational institutions and classrooms as well as individuals and families with snakes, lizards, tortoises, turtles, frogs, toads, salamanders, tarantulas and scorpians. We carry a complete line of cages, supplies and food as well as a book selection of more than 200 titles covering these animals in captivity and the wild.

Exotic Enterprises - Tucson, Arizona

Exotic Enterprises is a reputable breeder of top quality reptiles including snakes, tortoises, and geckos. We breed a large variety of snakes including boas, pythons, kingsnakes, milksnakes, and cornsnakes. Our tortoise breeding projects include South African Leopard tortoises, Indian Star tortoises, Yellow-foot tortoises, and Red-foot tortoises. We also breed Leopard Geckos including normal, tangerine, and hyper-xanthic phases.

Herpetological Breeding Research - FL

We welcome you to the most extensive website around today. HBR offers services in many areas such as Research, Education, Breeding, Husbandry as well as Import and export of specimens.

Herps Limited Inc. - Miami FL

We started as a father and son operation and have since grown into a well experienced facility. We have brought on Tom Crutchfield a true pioneer in the reptile trade. Together we have well over 100 years experience with herpetefauna. We pride ourselves on our ability to reproduce difficult species.

Hippie - Atlanta

Jason Brock's Hippie Herps. We breed high quality reptiles, specializing in many morphs of Leopard Geckos and African Housesnakes. Hand selecting our quality breeders has given us the opportunity to work with some of the best bloodlines available.

Home Grown Herps - FL

Home Grown Herps offers only captive bred and raised animals, all of which are produced at the Home Grown Herps Facility. We do not offer animals produced by other breeders, nor do we offer imported animals for sale.

Hopkins Holesale Herps

Hopkins Holesale Herps Top quality captive bred Boa Constrictors, Corn Snakes and select Pythons! Boa Constrictors - Genetic Striped, High Pink, Super Striped, Hypo, Anerytheristic, Ghosts, Albinos, and possible triple Het For Snow Hypos (SnowGlo). NEW - Leticia Colombian and Guyana Locality Boas in the works!

Isis Reptiles - Ventura, CA

We are located in Ventura, California, and have been involved in the keeping and breeding of reptiles since 1993. Our serious foray into the reptile world began when we took over care of a Green Iguana when a son left for college. Over the past years, we have kept various reptiles including tortoises, Bearded Dragons, geckos, iguanas, skinks and snakes. We specialize in Australian Pythons and various colubrids, including many pituophis and Brooks Kings.

K & N Reptiles

MB Reptiles - Southern Oregon

Our store is 2800 square feet, located in Southern Oregon. Our almost 6000 square foot breeding facility is close by, to which we produce many different reptiles and feeders for the site, wholesale, and retail. We have well over 300 reptiles on display and for sale at our retail location. We carry almost every line of reptile product available, along with anything else you might need for your reptiles such as feeders, and housing. Geckos, Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Boas & Anacondas, Pythons
Other Reptiles, Supplies, Turtles & Tortoises, Venomous, Monitors & Tegus, Tarantulas & Scorpions, Frogs & Amphibians, Feeders

Mark M. Lucas - Coral Springs, Florida

Patterson Reptiles - Orrington, ME

Patterson Reptiles is a small captive bred operation located in Orrington, Maine. More of a hobby than a business, this allows for top quality husbandry and breeding efforts. Back in 1998 I bought my first Boa Constrictor and it snow balled from there. Since, I have kept and bred many species but my main focus is on the Rhacodactylus genus right now.

Prehistoric Pets - Fountain Valley, CA

The Prehistoric Pets enterprise has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to the herp market. While originally having a large import business, Prehistoric Pets now focuses mostly on hand selected captive bred animals. We have been at the Florida Expo for 7 consecutive years. We have been among the first to bring you animals such as piebald ball pythons, patternless leopard geckos, Blizzard Lizards, super tigers, Albino Reticulated Pythons, Albino Tiger Reticulated Pythons, frilled dragons, etc.

Prima Reptilia - Louisville, KY

Here at PrimaReptilia, we consistently strive to produce and sell only the best quality captive bred animals. We consist of a small consortium of breeders in Louisville, KY and can ship anywhere in the continental US via Fed-Ex Priority Overnight.

Prism World Exotics - Maryland, USA

Snakes Monitors Lizards Tortoises Chameleons Prism World Exotics specializes in offering you rare and exotic species from around the world. Our inventory will vary greatly depending upon special requests and rare findings of reptiles, amphibians, and exotic animalia. - online store - Littleton CO

No Disposable Animals. We are here to promote GREAT REPTILES and a GREAT EXPERIENCE! That just about sums it up right there. That is our mission, that is our philosophy. We want to set the reptile bar higher than it has ever been.

Professional Breeders - CA

We would like to thank you for your interest in the reptiles offered by Professional Breeders®. For over 20 years we have had a leading role in establishing, developing, and the commercial breeding of many popular reptile species in the industry today. We purposely remain focused on a limited number of specialized breeding programs, having selected species with excellent keeping qualities and outstanding long-term commercial breeding possibilities.

Rancho de las Tortugas - Alpine, CA

Some rare snakes such as Angolans, and Madagascan Boas

Renegade Reptiles - Ramona, California

Our primary interest is in California Kingsnakes, Hognose snakes and, more recently, Asian Ratsnakes. As the years progress we will be experimenting with all different types of these species. We have already developed a Desert Spotted strain that is getting better every year. We will also be working with Spotted Annulata and Hondurans. The Spotted Annulata produced some killer babies last year. We hope to have some spotted hondurans this year. We also hope to produce a new type of Annulata this year. We're calling the "Loco Annulata". You can tell why, by looking at the picture.

Reptile Design - TX

Mike & Bonita Balderas of Reptile Design have been keeping reptiles since 1993. We now breed and supply top quality reptiles that make great pets or even awesome collectables for the more experienced keeper. The proceeds go directly into the care of BOTH the rescue animals as well as our breeders.

Reptile Kingdom - Toms River, NJ

Reptile Kingdom was established in 1999 by Allen R. Both and is not your ordinary reptile wholesaler. We have spent over 15 years in the pet industry caring for, breeding, and selling all types of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. We sell only healthy and established animals. Primarily a wholesale company that supplies pet stores nationwide, we also offer animals to the retail customer through our website and at many reptile shows on the East Coast. - Randy Wright Reptiles - Alta Loma, CA

Professional Reptile Breeder Rosy Boas Kingsnakes Gila Monsters and Others

Royal Constrictor Designs - Wausau, WI

We take great pride in the quality of our animals and customer satisfaction. We put a lot of effort into making sure our customers are informed and more than happy with the animals they receive from us. Click on any of the links below to see our availability: Ball Pythons Boa Constrictors Green Tree Pythons Reticulated Pythons Carpet Pythons Blood Pythons Honduran Milksnakes

Sandfire Dragon Ranch - Bonsall, CA

Robert Mailloux is the founder and owner of Sandfire Dragon Ranch. He is responsible for developing the commercial breeding of bearded dragons and White's tree frogs in the United States. He is the originator of the well-known and extremely popular Sandfire morph of the bearded dragon. He is also an amphibian breeding expert, consistently breeding many of the frogs currently available in the pet industry.

Simply - Florida

For the past twenty-three years I have been involved with the propagation of reptiles and amphibians. I have lived in Florida for the past twenty four years, and believe that Florida is a reptile enthusiast's paradise. From the Pine Woods snake to the Eastern Indigo snake, we believe they are all just as important as any other animal.

Snakes Plus - NC (Indigos, Corn, King, Hognosed etc)

: Snakes Plus - Eastern Indigos, Cornsnakes, Kingsnakes, Western Hognosed - Forked Tongued Enterprises of Eastern NC : We carry a wide variety of specialty snakes and reptiles. ... Rare Fishing Lures: Rodents, Reptiles, Crustaceans, and Other ... - Field ... species of amphibians and : reptiles in ... - ... Reptiles return to the wild as hospital prepares ...

Striking Serpents - IA

Check back in the spring of 2007 for updates on available albinos, pieds, pastels, boas, and Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons.

Sundial Reptile - New Mexico

Premium captive-bred reptiles Currently working with: Lizards: Bearded Dragons, Frilled Dragons, Veiled Chameleons, Fringe-toed lizards, Spineys, & Leopard lizards. Geckos: Leopard geckos, Fat-tails, Banded geckos (Brevis & Bogerti), Viper-tails, Pictus, Gargoyles, Crested geckos & Standing Day geckos. Boas & Pythons: Dumerils, 'KSBs' & Rosy boas. Pythons: Childrens Pythons Colubrids: Kingsnakes: Alternas & Brooksi . Milksnakes: Hondurans & Celaenops. Bulls & Gophers: Sonoran Gophers & San Diego Gopher snakes. Rats: Black Rats. Other Colubrids: Hognose.

Surf City Reptiles - Huntington Beach, CA

As a store manager for one of the world’s largest reptile breeders, and a contributing author of Reptiles Magazine, David LaPlante has been producing quality animals for over 20 years. In 2005, David created a unique online discount resource for breeders and reptile enthusiasts called Surf City Reptiles.

Worldwide Reptiles - Dunmore, PA

Worldwide Reptiles is a company focused on the breeding, preservation, and distribution of many different reptile species. Our mission is to provide our customers with High quality reptiles, bred with care and respect.

Lizards - other
Agama International - Montevallo, AL

World's Largest Water Dragon, Tegu, and Lacerta Breeder

Atomic Lizard Ranch - Arizona

Atomic Lizard Ranch is a nine acre captive breeding facility owned and operated by Paul & Collette Latimer since 1993. Located at the very southeast corner of Arizona bordering on Mexico; the local habitat consists of dry grassland to high desert, making it a perfect area for the outdoor habitation of the Inland Bearded Dragon, Rankins Dragon and other easy to keep lizards for the home hobbyist.

FroggieB Dragons - Mountain Horned Dragons

These are the Acanthosaura web pages. I have been working with Acanthosaura capras since March 28, 1999. I have been successfully incubating captive bred offspring since September 2000. This is a hobby turned into a passion.

Sisco Reptiles (Tegus & Ball Pythons) - Canaan, ME

Here at Sisco Reptiles we are committed to producing healthy, tame and beautiful reptiles. We produce some of the most social Tegu lizards around. We raise and breed, both white-headed and dark-headed, Argentine Black & White Tegus. We also breed powder blue, platinum blue, and high white South American Blue Tegus. We do raise some Argentine Red Tegus, but we do not currently have plans to breed red tegus.

The Gila Ranch

Specializing in the finest captive bred Gilas and Beaded Lizards - FL

You get a quality reptile and much more when buying from us. Please check out our reputation for integrity, knowledge and customer support.

Varnyard Herps, - Panama City , Florida

The company is run by Bobby Hill , AKA (Varnyard), Bobby has been a keeper for many years. We are and have been working with different types of Argentine Tegus. Through the years he has kept many types of reptiles, as well as breeding. Bobby is always quick to help others with problems with their reptiles.

Morph Specialists and Investment reptiles
Boadome - NJ (Boas & Balls)

My salmon hypos are some of the reddest and orangest salmons I have ever seen in my life, I am striving to be able to offer the best color and contrast animals on the open market today. I offer friendly curtius service.

Class Reptilia - Corona, CA

As our taxonomic name implies, Class Reptilia is about the education, conservation, and captive bred propagation of our favorite herps. We are hobbyists who find herpetoculture to be fascinating and rewarding. Any money generated from our endeavors supplies the hobby. Our breeders are hand selected by top herpetoculturists around the country to produce the finest progeny.

Exotics by Nature - Covington, LA

High End Herps - Oakdale, LA

Every reptile that we sell comes with an unconditional 4 month guarantee ensuring that it is 100% healthy, eating, tame, mite and disease free. We stand behind our animals for months beyond what ANY OTHER breeder does and it is simply because we are 100% confident in the health and condition of the animals that we produce.

Intriguing Reptiles - Washington, PA

Specializing in the captive reproduction of Investment Quality Ball Python, Blood Python and Venomous Snake Morphs. Intriguing Reptiles started out as a small personal collection, that grew into a large (& time consuming) hobby, that has now turned into a small business.

Peter Kahl Reptiles - MD

Welcome to Peter Kahl Reptiles' new site. We have some new sections, including the Birthing Record section, an interactive Currently Available section, and all the new collection animals and photos. We will be working on making more changes and additions over the summer but at least our birthing record and currently available are done and will be kept current. - IL

Specializing in Captive Ball Pythons
Rusty Davis (309) 353-3670
Rick Cunningham (309) 353-9661
Glenn Polanco (714) 454-5714

SSSCALES.COM - South Florida

Captive born and bred Boas & Pythons. Welcome to SSSCALES.COM, owned & operated by Gerry & Geraldine Guerra. Here at SSSCALES we specialize in captive born and bred Boas & Pythons. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality boas and pythons available on the market today. We value your business as well as your input and pride ourselves on the absolute highest customer service and support!

Sierra Serpents (Boa Specialist) - Susanville, CA

This website is primarily devoted to my hobby and second love, Boa Constrictors. Sierra Serpents is the name I have given to my collection of color and pattern morphs. I had a small collection of boas, pythons and a variety of other snakes long ago. After years away from the "hobby", I found my way back in late 2000.

Steve Michaels Reptiles - Brown City, MI

You are welcome to browse through our web site to see what is offered, and to view our top of the line animals. Should you be thinking of investing in an animal for your current collection or are new to the hobby, quality captive bred animals should be of upmost concern, as is ours. Our goal is to provide you with quality animals and superior service.

Susquehanna Ectotherms - New Freedom, PA

Susquehanna Ectotherms is the result of 20 years of captive breeding, field observations and reptile husbandry. My passion for herpetoculture evolved from a small hobby to a full time, large scale breeding operation. I work exclusively with reptiles, often 60-80 hours a week! I am dedicated to producing the finest reptiles possible. To me, this means pure bloodlines, no hybrids or integrations.

The Snake Keeper - Spanish Fork, UT

When you buy from us you are getting more than just a great snake. From initial contact you will feel like you are making the right choice to invest in our snakes. We have many of the designer morphs for you to choose from. We can help you decide which one would best fit your goals and budget. We will spend the time required to insure that you are comfortable with your purchase and that you have the tools to make the best of your purchase.

West Texas Reptiles - Albino Hognose Specialists

I am Richard Evans of West Texas Reptiles. A few years ago I decided to get rid of my entire collection of boas, pythons, and other colubrids in order to work exclusively with hognose snakes. I am the originator of the albino, pastel pink albino, and the hypomelanistic hognose snakes. My bloodlines are very genetically diverse with new bloodlines being constantly added.

Pythons - general
Constrictors Unlimited - Oklahoma City, OK

I decided to have a diverse collection consisting of Ball Pythons, Boas, Reticulated Pythons and Burmese Pythons. I love them all, but I really like the big snakes. My reptile business has become very successful. I am still reinvesting most of the profit in new breeding stock, cages and FOOD. I believe that the main reason for my success is treating my customers right.

Harford Reptile Breeding Cente - Bel Air, MD

We have maintained a collection of snakes at this facility continuously since 1971, and now maintain a breeding stock of about 150 animals. We have successfully bred the green tree python almost every year from 1983 to 1995, and have bred blue chondros through three generations. We were one of the first private facilities in the US to succesfully breed the ringed python (Bothrochilus boa), and the woma (Aspidites ramsayi), were the third private facility in the US to breed the Angolan Python (Python anchietae), which we now produce successfully every year. We have now turned our attention to the many mutations and color phases of the ball python, and Angolans exclusively.

Steve Gooch Reptiles - Oklahoma City

Please take a look at my breeding projects, with new morphs being proven out every year the possibilities are endless. I have many pythons available outside of my breeding stock from trades for my photography, If you're looking for an investment animal, or a high quality pet Please let me help you find it.

Rat Snakes
Vivid Reptiles - Utopia, Texas

Flash Site

Reticulated Pythons
Baldogo Reptiles - Fontanelle, IA

We take great pride in our efforts to concentrate on the temperament as well as the appearance of these awesomely large constrictors. We definitely aren't the largest producer of Reticulated pythons, but we do strive to be among the best when it comes to quality animals and competitive pricing.

Breeders listed on our species page

As not many breeders specialize in just this species here is a list from our page on the species. This is not a comprehensive list, but should help if you are specifically looking for breeders of this species. - Baltimore, Md

I have over 10 years combined zoo/vet experience and a B.S. in Animal Behavior, and we are trying to turn that and our passion into the best captive bred Retics ever imaginable. We have loved these animals for as long as I can remember, and we are excited beyond words about the somewhat recent rise in Retic popularity.

Tree Boas & Pythons
Andrew Kelley Reptiles - Fairhaven, MA

Dealing exclusively with green tree pythons, Andrew Kelley Reptiles provides exceptional captive-hatched animals for the discriminating collector and the chondro novice. Please feel free to browse my site and inquire about any available animals listed or projects that I currently have scheduled.

Awesome Arboreals - FL

I'm Tony Nicoli and I've been working with Emerald Tree Boas now for over 13 years. During that time I have been able to accumulate, through careful acquisitions and selective breeding, some of the most exotic and beautiful animals I could have ever imagined. In the following pages you will see some very interesting bloodlines as well as some beautiful specimens of both known and unknown localities. You will also see some very interesting color morphs as well, including the only "Black Emeralds" I have ever seen.


Emerald Tree Boa Organization - Cincinnati, OH

The Emerald Tree Boa Organization aka "DGS " is a herptocultural research and husbandry facility specializing in, promoting and distributing information about the South American boid species (Corallus Caninus) aka the Emerald Tree Boa.

Fine Green Tree Pythons - Mount Vernon, OH

Possibly the best site on Gree Tree Pythons

Ophiological Services, Inc. - Archer, Florida

Ophiological Services, Inc., located in the small town of Archer, Florida just outside of Gainesville, is owned and operated by Eugene and Cindy Bessette. Ophiological Services officially has been producing quality, captive born tree pythons for the private herpetological market since 1977. The Bessettes have a solid reputation and well-known tradition of developing the highest quality animals in the industry.

Signal Herpetoculture - TN

The More Complete Chondro now in stock!
Our goal is to provide our customers with the very best in captive bred and born green tree pythons and emerald tree boas with unmatched customer satisfaction and support.
Emerald Tree Boas & Green Tree Pythons

The Boa Kingdom - IL (Amazon Tree Boas)

"The Boa Kingdom" is a website devoted to Amazon Tree Boas. I've been keeping/breeding Amazon Tree Boas for years, they were the first reptile I had ever successfully bred. Since then, I have kept and bred a wide variety of snake species but have refocused my efforts almost exclusively on Amazon Tree Boas over the past few years. My goal is simple: to keep, study, photograph, & propagate Amazon Tree Boas enabling me, in turn, to help educate other tree boa keepers. I also work with Emerald Tree Boas and some select colubrid species, but Amazons are definitely my "first love".

Turtles & Tortoises
Carolina Tortoises - Phoenix, AZ

Our interest is to breed certain types of tortoises for hobby which leads to one small problem - What do we do with all these tortoises?? That's where Carolina Tortoises comes in. We now sell some of our tortoises (see our Price List) and try to direct you to helpful information as you raise your own tortoises or purchase them from other breeders or sites (see the Related Sites).

Concordia Turtle Farm - Louisiana

Welcome to the World's Largest Commercial Producer of Salmonella-Free Farm Raised Turtles Concordia Turtle Farm was established in 1968, and is family owned and operated by Jesse Evans and his son Davey. Jesse's Wife, Avis, is our Export Manager and Davey's wife, Shirby, is Assistant Export Manager. It has grown to become the largest single commercial turtle farm to raise certified salmonella free turtles.

Empire of the Turtle - FL

Over 40 species of captive bred turtles and tortoises. All produced by the Empire of the Turtle.

Harger's Finest Catch - Arkansas

Harger's Finest Catch is a seafood business focusing on TURTLE Farming during the summer months in Scranton, Arkansas near the beautiful waters of the Arkansas River, and MULLET buying and processing during the fall and winter months on Florida's gulf coast.We have over 30 years of experience and have connections to most every aspect of the seafood business.

Randleas Turtle Farm - Arkansas

We are here to serve you, the customer, in the very best possible way we can. I believe there are three things that are very important in running a business: (1)customer relations with quality service (2)stand behind everything you sell 100% (3)maintain the lowest prices available. We uphold those standards no matter what the cost-taking care of the customer is what its all about!

Turtle World USA - SW Florida

Our farm is located in SW Florida and we are dedicated to offer quality Tortoises and Turtles.
We breed Tortoises and Turtles for over 25 years and proud to produce a wide variety of Species every year and we try to expand our breeding program with different Species.
All hatchlings are bred on our farm. Sometimes we get hatchlings in trade, but we will mark them so you know they come from a other breeder.
All imported Animals are marked as such, if we know we will let you know how long they are in captivity.

Designer Atrox - TX

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, (patternless, albino, pastel) Southern Copperhead, Eyelash Viper, Corn Snakes

Diamond Reptile Breeders - Bushnell, FL

Diamond Reptile Breeders is the Premiere Reptile Source. We only offer quality Herps. If there is something here that you don't see, contact us and we will try to find it for you. We have an extensive collectionof herps and other animals.

East Coast Arboreal (Bush

I figured I would use this page to tell you a little about myself and what has to offer. I am just a guy who wants to offer the best in captive bred bushvipers and maybe a few other reptiles. I've been at this for 14 years or so and in the last 5 years have really changed my goals to breeding and raising animals up to breeding size.Mostly I do this all for fun , this isn't about money for me . I just want to produce the most brilliant bushvipers available. I strive for solid colors that are very bright some of this is just pot luck, but they tend to stay pretty close to what the parents look like or take traits from there parents.

Exotic Jungle - Florida

I owned a reptile store in Pittsburgh called Pittsburgh Pets for 5 years. I then moved to Florida in 1999 and opened what is now known as Exotic Jungle.
I have what I think is a very nice breeding colony. I have added to my stock, and I'm always looking to expand my stock.

Glades Herp - Florida, U.S.A.

We are located in sunny and beautiful Northwest Florida, U.S.A. We import, export, captive breed, retail, wholesale and trade in the world's finest reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. We have been in the business for over 20 years and we are professionals recognized by thousands of the world's zoos, nature centers, science museums, professional hobbyists, exotic herp keepers and scientists.

Global Herp - Anderson, SC

Venomous & crocodilians. Guarantee > all specimens offered herein are flawless display quality specimens unless specifically noted otherwise. Live arrival in perfect condition is absolutely guaranteed. If you feel you have received a defective or misrepresented specimen, you may immediately return it to us at our expense and we will refund your full purchase price and any freight or additional costs incurred by you.

Hot - Florida

Quality Captive-bred and Imported Reptiles

Intriguing Reptiles - Washington, PA

Specializing in the captive reproduction of Investment Quality Ball Python, Blood Python and Venomous Snake Morphs. Intriguing Reptiles started out as a small personal collection, that grew into a large (& time consuming) hobby, that has now turned into a small business.

La Vibora - Brownsville, TX

Home of the Tiger Eyelash Viper

Living Earth Reptiles - Belton, SC

Now shipping venomous and non-venomous
frogs, lizards, turtles, tortoises, snakes, crocodilians mice, rats, crickets cages, bedding, supplies & more !!!!!

Mark M. Lucas - Coral Springs, Florida

Rainforests Exotics - Rhode Island

We are strong minded Conservationists that work with a variety of animals but specialize in the captive breeding of reptiles. We deal with mostly Captive Born (C.B.) and a little with Select Wild Caught (W.C.) animals.

Ripa Ecologica - NC

Ripa Ecologica has the largest and finest breeding colony of bushmasters in the world.
Each year we sell excess offspring to experienced collectors and offer advice on all aspects of keeping them healthy.

Simply Snakes - Ocala, FL

Welcome to the Simply Snakes website. The animals we breed are particular species that interest us. With over 25 years of herpetecultural experience Simply Snakes produces a large amount of neonates each season, as well as wild caught and surplus breeder animals. The pricelist listed here on the website is of course for neonate snakes.

Underground Reptiles - Deerfield Beach, Florida

Underground Reptiles has been in business for over 15 years. We have a retail store located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Our staff has over 40 years of combined expertise in all aspects of wildlife. We specialize in captive bred as well as captive breeding. We are fully licensed for export as well as importation of exotic mammals and reptiles

Wild Ryno, Inc. - Lubbock, Texas

As a result of this we are now only able to ship and receive 2 times a month, and are specializing in captive animals that we produce as well as high end collector specimens. We thank you for your past patronage and as always will be happy to special order.

Western Hognose
Jim's Western - (CA)

My name is Jim McDonald, I live in Southern California and have been breeding many kinds of reptiles since the mid 80's. I am not in this for the money, I actually enjoy it. This makes it easy to sell the highest quality reptiles at the best price possible. I am not a broker, therefore all of the reptiles I sell are produced by me.

West Texas Reptiles

I am Richard Evans of West Texas Reptiles. Reptiles have been part of my life for over thirty years, fifteen of which I've spent breeding snakes. Sixteen years ago I started my own retail pet store featuring an extensive reptile department. It has been exciting to help educate customers on reptiles and see the trends for these animals change.

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