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Last updated : 20/05/2007

This page is indexed on our home page under Aspect: 9. Links - Country Specific and the Section: South Africa

Introduction and Index : South Africa

In this section on : South Africa we present articles and links relative to all the good quality reptile websites that we have located to date. These are listed under various headings to facilitate the ease of selection, as follows:


By default all links listed hereunder, open in a new page.

Academic Research
Academic institutions who have specific content in the form research or natural history, relative to reptiles.
Educational Websites
This section contains links to institutions or hobbyists that provide educational services in one form or another that serve to improve the understanding of reptiles in their natural environment or when in a captive environment.
Gov Authorities & Legal
Legal issues related to the conservation, removal or the keeping of reptiles.
Herp Societies & Clubs
Herp. Societies, Clubs and trade associations with an above average website content.
Herp Tours, Training & Safaris
Links to websites providing reptile related tours, training and safaris in South Africa.
Herp Vets
Access to online veterinary information and specialist reptile vets in RSA.
Natural Environment
Websites that deal with reptiles in nature and the protection of reptiles in the environment. This would include conservation societies, field guides, field herping, various species of reptiles that occur in the USA, generally. (refer by State info).
Other Exotic Pets - Arachnids
Some additional links related to Clubs , Forums , Indigenous Spiders & Scorpions , Traders etc
Reptile Accessories, Food, & Other Requisites
In this section we list retailers and manufacturers of accessories, reptile live food, food supplements, dry food, vivariums, reptile egg incubators habitat controls etc.
Reptile Breeders
Links to breeder's websites arranged by the primary species being propagated.
Reptile Retailers
Links to retailer websites arranged by the primary species being traded, if applicable.
Reptile Wholesalers
Links to wholesaler's websites.
Rescue & Protection
Removal of problem snakes and the rescue and protection of reptiles.
Venomous Snakes - Info
A grouping of links to websites dealing with South African Snakes and other Reptiles
Zoos & Parks
A list of Zoos and Parks with reptile exhibits.

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Last update : 20/05/2007