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Last updated : 09/10/2007

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Reptile Breeders: local & export

This page contains links to websites about reptiles in USA - by category, in the category of "Reptile Breeders: local & export", that we have found to date.

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Ball Pythons
Alan Bosch Reptiles - Ladson, SC

Specializing in Piebald, Albino, Granite, Pastel Jungle, Butterscotch Ghost, Burgundy, Spider, Yellowbelly, Honeyball and Designer Morph combinations of Ball Pythons.

The Snake Keepers \ - Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to home of The Snake Keeper, Dan and Colette Sutherland. We are very pleased that you stopped by to visit us. We specialize in investment quality ball pythons. Our goal here is to provide you with the best information and the most elite snakes available on the market today. Having been one of the first breeders to focus our attention to these great pythons we have gained some very useful information for your benefit and enjoyment. Enjoy your visit and please let us know how we may be of help to you.

Boas and Pythons
Constrictors Unlimited - Oklahoma City, OK

Captive bred Boas and Pythons My reptile business has become very successful. I am still reinvesting most of the profit in new breeding stock, cages and FOOD. I believe that the main reason for my success is treating my customers right. I spend many hours on the phone or answering e-mails from customers and future customers and I am always happy to help if I can.

Boas - Exotic
All - NC

To enhance the appreciation and enjoyment of the boa constrictor leading to an improved status as a captive pet and a brighter future in their natural habitats.

Jeremy Stone Reptiles - Lindon, UT

We have one of the most diverse Boa Constrictor morph collections in the world. We only work with quality blood lines. Through the years we have been an industry leader in the production and sales of the hottest Boa and Ball python morphs around. We will not only provide you with quality animals, we also will provide you with the knowledge to make informative decision to make your hobby or business succeed. We provide the best live animal guarantee in the business. We now ship WORLDWIDE.

The Boaphile - Cannon Falls, MN

the Pearlescent Boas by Jeff Ronne Sr.

Geckos : Leopard
Geckos Etc. Herpetoculture - Rocklin, CA

We breed most morphs of leopard geckos. Our website has a very detailed care page, pictures of leopard gecko morphs, and a discussion of leopard gecko genetics.

Alex Hue Reptiles - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Welcome and Thank You for visiting Alex Hue Reptiles! Breeders of Ball and Angolan Pythons, amongst others. We strive to offer only the best Reptiles.....PERIOD. Check out the Collection to see what species we are currently working with. The AHR Forum is also a great resource for care, health, and general info. Not to mention we have a great group of members willing to answer any and all of your questions! Check it out here "Forums"

Applegate - Campo, CA

Worldwide business welcome. I have the papers. If you can legally receive it, I can ship to you. We will continue to produce some of the finest Colubrid snakes and Heloderma. We have written many good and interesting articles over the years. These articles deal with the husbandry and breeding of many types of reptiles. To see a list of these articles, please go to our Article Archive. NEW ARTICLES! Mexican Beaded Lizard (Heloderma h. exasperatum) Bite AND Kingsnakes and Milksnakes

Ben Siegel Reptiles INC. - FL

PROMISE TO OUR CUSTOMERS-All animals are healthy and feeding unless noted otherwise. We sell only the best quality available picked from the countries top breeders, zoos, and importers. Imported animals are deparasitized and upon arival and observed for proper behavoir and feeding before ever leaving our facility, in order to deliver a better quality product to our customers-we have a 7 day live arrival guarantee as long as there is someone to accept the package

Cutting Edge Herpetological INC.

CUTTING EDGE HERPETOLOGICAL INC. is Vincent Russo, Professional Breeder Specializing in Locality Specific Boa constrictors, Color Morph Ball Pythons, Locality Chondro Pythons & Hognose Snakes. Cutting Edge Herp Inc. is also a Licensed Import / Exporter and Exports only Captive Born Boas & Pythons Born at our Facility

John Skipper Reptiles - MD

John Skipper Reptiles is the result of our unceasing passion and fascination with reptiles. Although our collection is somewhat diverse, the boas have always been John's favorite of the snake species. Over the past seven years, beginning with our Arabesque boa project, our focus has turned primarily towards the breeding and refinement of investment quality boas and pythons. We are selectively breeding several of the most sought after boas and pythons on the market today.

Mark Leshock Reptiles - Perkasie, PA

This is a professional reptile breeding facility. Our specialties are boas, pythons, geckos, and bearded dragons. We maintain overall about 300-400 breeding stock animals at any time. This facility is considered premier in the reproduction of Green Tree Pythons (Morelia Viridis) and Amazon BasinTree Boas (Corallus Caninus). We strive to successfully reproduce other species we work with yearly.

New England Reptile Distributors(NERD) - Plaistow, NH

During the past ten years, that focus on retics and ball pythons has brought myriad color morphs and combinations to the NERD collection, many of which were first bred at this facility. While ball & reticulated python morphs remain a primary focus, the NERD collection also boasts a fine selection of monitors, arboreal boids, Burmese & blood pythons, boa constrictors, rock iguanas, and "Wally" - the friendly resident 8' alligator who stands guard in the basement.

Professional Breeders - San Diego, CA

For over 20 years we have had a leading role in establishing, developing, and the commercial breeding of many popular reptile species in the industry today. We purposely remain focused on a limited number of specialized breeding programs. Steve and Karen Osborne

Underground Reptiles - Deerfield Beach, Florida

VMS Professional Herpetoculture. - Canon City, Colorado

VMS is located in the Colorado Rocky Mountains near Canon City, Colorado. VMS operates as a sole proprietorship, wholly owned and operated by Sean & Monica Niland.

Morph Specialists and Investment reptiles
Brian Sharp Reptiles - VA

Ball and Carpet Pythons - invetsment quality breeder.

Roussis Reptiles - Ball Pythons -

Welcome to Roussis Reptiles, primarily dedicated to providing information, photos, and guidance for reptile enthusiasts interested in the captive reproduction of rare and unusual pythons and for those looking to purchase some of the most spectacular animals in the world.

Bob Clark Captive Bred Reptiles - Oklahoma City

Welcome to the on-line home of Bob Clark Captive Bred Reptiles. Snakes, sales, and service... that's what we do. We specialize in pythons for collectors, breeders and institutions. We hope you'll give us the opportunity to serve you.

Tree Boas & Pythons
Amazon Basin Boas - NJ

I chose to work exclusively with the Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boa. I feel that when I can strictly focus my attention on one particular animal, that I can bring out the most in what the Basin has to offer.
The genetics that make up my breeder animals are some of the best found anywhere.
They are all Captive born animals from here in the USA.

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Last update : 09/10/2007