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Last updated : 01/04/2007

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You will be required to register to view or make postings on this forum. Having done so, you not only have the ability to communicate with us on the forum but you will also have access to the main forum of in which you can participate in the discussions and see what is going on in the South African reptile scene.

Please note that this forum IS ONLY to be used for the discussion of matters relating to the portal services provided by us. Thus you can discuss or request:

  • a link to your site, care sheet or article

  • the removal of a link

  • repositioning of a link

  • an explanation of our presentation method and topic descriptions etc. Forum Logo

Main Forum

Reptilepets Forum

Should you prefer to do this by private communication or have questions relating to the availability of reptiles or other matters in relation to the trading functions of Reptilia Traders cc, please feel free to Contact Us directly.


History and Background

In April 2007, we decided to enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement with, which is a South African reptile forum. This relationship entails us, providing users of the forum with direct access to our extensive links on Care sheets, Reptile Retailers (Pet Shops), Breeders, Wholesalers, Accessory and Live food Suppliers, Parks and Zoos etc., in South Africa and the other countries we have dealt with such as USA, Canada, UK, and Australia., in turn have created a section within their forum, for our visitors and members of the forum, to communicate with us in a forum format.


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Last update : 01/04/2007