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Last updated : 11/03/2007

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Species page for: Angolan Python (Python anchietae)(aka Dwarf Python)


This page contains a selection of the best links found on the reptile species: Angolan Python (Python anchietae)(aka Dwarf Python). The navigation table on the top left will take you directly to the defined topics, such as  Natural Habitat, Captive care, Breeders, Pictures, More information, Other information and Taxonomy.

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A brief snippet about Angolan / Dwarf python

A brief introduction to the species will be inserted here ..... coming soon! In the interim we have a number of links on the species, listed on this page.


Breeders & Retailers
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Alex Hue Reptiles

Welcome and Thank You for visiting Alex Hue Reptiles! We strive to offer only the best Reptiles.....PERIOD. Check out the Collection to see what species we are currently working with. If you're interested in what we're breeding or doing this season, check out "What's Happening" in the Forum. The AHR Forum is also a great resource for care, health, and general info. Not to mention we have a great group of members willing to answer any and all of your questions! Check it out here "Forums"

Angolan Pythons - Harford Reptile Breeding Center, Bel Air

The Angolan Python is one of the rarest pythons available. Not only is it uncommon in zoos and private collections, it is also not easily found in its native, war-torn Angola and Namibia. - Bluemont, VA

We are dedicated to offering captive bred offspring of Python Anchietae. We have a diverse collection of bloodlines in this species. In addition to Angolans, we have several other python species that we hope to provide offspring from next season.

Care overview - Lizards of

Description This species is one of a kind in that they are the only Python known in the world to have a body covered in amazing beaded scales.

Don Patterson Pythons and Boas

Angolans have to be one of the most unique and interesting pythons out there. They are covered in beaded scales, come from a climate with harsh extremes, and there is very little information on their natural ecology. One thing for sure is they are hardy and have fantastic appetites.

Doug Taylor - USA

I purchased my first trio of Angolan pythons in 2003. Angolan Pythons are cool creatures. They have beaded scales that feel almost like a Beaded Lizard's skin. Their heads bear a resemblance to Ball Pythons. Angolan pythons get significantly larger than ball pythons. Their patterns and color schemes vary by individual. My own animals range from Gold to Chocolate Brown background and Black and Yellow patterns.

Exotics by Nature Company

Thank you for visiting our currently available Select-a-Herp section. Here you will find select animals that we are featuring for sale. The animals listed here are the EXACT animals for sale allowing you to view different individuals and pick the EXACT herp you want! SEE what you're getting before you get it!

Freek Nuyt - Holland

We are a professional breeding station specializing in the captive propagation of Boids, in our collection you will find some truly amazing animals, all of our breeder stock has been carefully selected over the years.

Paul Harris - UK Pythons Angolan Pythons

Description Angolan Pythons range from Namibia and Angola in South Western Africa, inhabiting rocky areas in grasslands and open plains. They are reddish-brown and are patterned with cream or whitish banding and streaks edged in black. Adults rarely exceed 6 feet in length and clutch sizes between 4 and 13 eggs have been recorded.

Rancho de las Tortugas - Alpine, CA

Reptilcenter - Sweden

We are a company located in the middle of Sweden.Our main interest is working with rare morphs of Boas and Pythons.We take great pride in working with top quality reptiles,from wellknown breeders around the world.We only sell captive breed animals in good health and wellstarted.

This is one of the rarest and most unique pythons in the world. Adults average 5 feet in length but may grow to seven feet. These pythons are covered in small, rounded, bead-like scales. We have the most diversified group held in captivity. This is our ninth straight year of producing these amazing pythons and have produced more captive-bred babies than any other facility in the world. We have several unrelated gravid females and babies are expected in July 2006.


Coming from Western Africa, the Angolan Python is by far one of the most rare Pythons in captivity. Sometimes commanding prices in the multiple thousands, Angolan Pythons are found in a only a small number of breeder's collections in the United States. The Angolan Python is truely a beautiful snake, also possessing a unique scale formation, giving it a beaded feeling when touched. Recently becoming more popular, the Angolan Python has been crossed by N.E.R.D. with its resembling cousin the Ball Python, producing the Angolan Ball.

VMS (good close-up pictures)

Angolan Python (Python anchietae) A relict specie pushed into a small and fragile habitat in southwestern Africa by the encroaching Saharan Desert, these are one of the rarest pythons in captivity. Usually matures at under five feet in length. Unique among pythons in having raised conical scales, they bear a resemblance to the closely related Ball Python. We are fortunate to have assembled a genetically diverse group from six different bloodlines. Status: Regular breeders, starting in 2004.


Inland Reptile

Angolan Pythons inhabit parts of Angola and Namibia. For years this was one of the rarest pythons in captivity due to a lack of imports available to the pet trade.


Juvenile Angolan python in the wild -

Angolan / Dwarf python Nicks Reptiles - Spain - Pics of Python anchietae breeder

This site contains photographs of my collection of boas, pythons and colubrids. I have been based in Spain for 5 years, and have been keeping and breeding snakes for over 30 years. Any animals I have for sale are found under 'surplus'.


Selective Origins - Kentucky (KY)

Angolan Pythons (Python anchietae)- The Angolan python is still one of the world's rarest and unique pythons. They range from Angola through Namibia and are about impossible to get due to those nations political turmoil and instability. Angolans average about 5 feet in length, but can get up to 7 feet. They are stocky and powerful snakes with raised, beaded scales. A characteristic completely unique to these pythons. Many people make the incorrect assumption that these are going to be very Ball Python-like. Angolans are snakes all of their own and offer eager, consistent feeding and lots of personality and activity in the cage.


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