Section: 2. Links - General

Biology of Venomous Animals - Columbia University
Brian Bush's Homepage - Australia
Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry (Research & Forum)
Dr. Wolfgang Wüster (Research & Links)
Florida Venomous Keepers Society
Hot Herps - Florida
Photographs of the venomous snakes of Africa
Poisonous Snakes and Lizards - Survival IQ (www)

Snake Getters Venomous Snake Rescue & online Training
Venomous Snake Husbandry Basics: Veterinary Care

Snake Query Database (USA)
Snakes of South Africa
Swiss Herp - herpetological societies
The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Page
US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76
USAAF -Poisonous Snakes and Lizards (Dutch site in English)
Venomous - Elapids Photo Gallery - Mark M Lucas
Venomous Photo Gallery @
Venomous Reptile Photos
Venomous Snakes by Photographer Mark Kostich