Section: Venomous Bite Treatment

1. Immediate first Aid : Cape & RSA snakes
1. Immediate first Aid : N. America
1. Ophitoxaemia (Venomous snakebite)
1. Venomous Snakebites in the United States
2. Snakebite Protocols - Dr Davidson (UCSD)
3. - treatment of exotic snakes held by AUS Zoos
Acute renal failure following poisonous snake bite.
African Snake Bite Guidelines Simplified
Anaphylaxis and the Venomous Keeper -
Australian CSL Antivenom Handbook
Australian Snake Bite treatment
Clinical Management of Snake Bites in the SE Asia
Cortical blindness : An unusual sequela of snake bite
Episodes with Venomous Snakes: A Commentary
Global - registration required
Management of respiratory failure in severe neuroparalytic bite.
Merck & Co., Inc. on Venomous Snakes
My Rattlesnake Bite - Justin Schwartz
Neurological manifestations of snake bite in Sri Lanka.
Optic neuritis following snake bite
Rattlesnake bite and soft-tissue infection: report of a case
Snakebites in children in Africa: a practical approach
Treating & Preventing Venomous Bites by J Henke
Types of snakes and venom properties -
Zoobase - Venomous Snakes Database (Australia)