Section: Species -Tortoises & Turtles

Care Centre - advisory & emergency services:Durban
EMYSystem - global turtle conservation
Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor - RSA
Home of the Map Turtles -
Homopus Research Foundation (Padloper Tortoise)
Race against extinction - South African Tortoises
Satellite tracking of marine turtles.
Snapping Turtle Page - info on Captive & Wild
The Anatomy of Sea Turtles
The Asian Turtle Crisis - WW
The EMYSystem - global turtle conservation
Tortoise Trust .org
Turtle (Panama + Costa Rica)
Turtle Survival Alliance - WW
Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group - WW
Turtles all the way - news blog
Why Buy Captive Bred Tortoises?
World Chelonian Trust