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About - UK
American Society of Ichthyologist & Herpetology
Ark Reptile Group (UK)
California Herps
Centre for North American Herpetology
Chicago Herpetological Society
Cobra Information site
Colorado Herpetological Society - tree boas
Melissa Kaplan
NAROA - National Amphibian & Reptile Owners Alliance (FRR)
NetVet Veterinary Resources and the Electronic Zoo
Pets Place
Reptiles & Amphibians of the UK
Sawgrass Herpetological Society of Broward County
Siar Anthranir Reptiles (Boas & other )
Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles
South Eastern Hot Herp Society -USA
Southern Reptile Education - BW Smith - USA
Tarantula's Burrow (spiders, snakes,scorpions)
Western New York Herpetological Society