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Aussie Reptile
Captive Bred (Posts 52k Members 1.3 K) (Posts: 383k Members: 34k)
Field Herp - global conversation
Ghetto - a new general interest forum
Herp Center Network (Posts: 92k Members: 3k)
Herp (Posts: 13k Members: 1k) - Reptile & Amphibians Forum

Live Food UK - General Reptile Forum (v. good) (Posts: 43k Members: 6.4k) (Posts: 303k Members: 9k) (German) (FRR)
Reptile Forums (Posts: 230k Members: 14k)
Reptile Rescue Den - Exotic Rescue Forum
Reptile - UK
Reptile - USA

Reptile forum UK is a forum for reptile and exotics help, chat, pictures, classifieds & more.

A very nice forum. Recommended for all species of reptiles.
Threads: 13,736, Posts: 100,450, Members: 3,147 as at 14 Oct 06.

Tree Boa Forum