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Other Pets shops in RSA
Western Cape

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Last updated : 16/12/2008

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Reptile Retailers

This page contains links to websites about reptiles in South Africa, in the category of "Reptile Retailers", that we have found to date.

Please feel free to advise any incorrect allocations or descriptions and to request any additional links.

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Other Pets shops in RSA

A web directory of all pet shops and accessory suppliers to the pet trade in South Africa.


United Reptiles

United Reptiles- Four Ways

Our range is extensive and is still growing to better meet the needs for all our critters out there!


Animal - PTA & Hillfox

We stock a wide range of reptiles plus their housing, lighting, heating, decoration, health aids, substrate, dry and live food.

Aqua-Aviaries CC. - Walkerville

Our main store and breeding facility is situated in the lovely country surroundings of Walkerville, just 15 min south of Johannesburg South Africa. Here, we breed and sell reptiles, birds, waterfowl and other exotic animals. Visit our store to see our HUGE selection of weird and wonderful snakes and lizards on display.

Blairgowerie Pet Shop - (DigiCard)

Bryanston Pets and Exotics - Bryanston

Redtail Boas and Dumerils Boas Albino and Normal Burmese Pythons Corn Snakes - Normal, Albino, Snow, Silver Yellow Rat Snakes and Grey Rat Snakes King snakes - Albino and Normal Green Iguanas, Water Dragons, Bearded Dragons, Geckos

Disount Pet Centre(Snakes - Randburg

Discount Pet Centre 63 Hans Strijdom Drive Linden Ext Randburg

Exotic Aquariums and Pets - Boksburg North

Exotic Aquariums & Pets was established in 1994. Our committed approach to research has provided the basis for our professional advice and service. We import, retail and wholesale the widest variety of marine, tropical and cold water fish from all over the world. We design, construct and customize aquariums, cabinets, light fittings and reptile cages in our own dedicated 1000m2 factory. Reptiles & Spiders

Outrageous Pets - Edenvale

Selection of Arachnids, Chameleons, Geckos, Lizards, Scorpions and Snakes.

Paradise Pets South Africa. - Fourways

Pet Masters - Alberton & Boksburg

Pet Masters offer its fellow-animal lovers everything from expert advice to a full range of food, pet care products, toys, fish and livestock. We cater for the full spectrum of pet lovers from dogs, birds, small animals and reptiles to exotic marine, tropical and coldwater fish. We belief that animals are not just something you have, they are personalities to love and cherish.

Pet Stop SA - Pretoria

Reptiles, like marines are a very fast growing industry, due to Shawn’s management the reptile department is expanding fast to become one of the leaders in the greater Pretoria/Tswane area.

Pet a Pond - Pretoria

We are constantly keeping a large number of different pet snakes.

Peter Bee Pet & Reptile Word - Westgate

Peter Bee Pets caters for all your pets needs. Based in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa, we’re easy to find along Ontdekkers Road.

Petitude - Pretoria

Petitude was started in December of 2001 with the intention of supplying exotic pets to the Centurion and Pretoria areas. We pride ourselves on personalised, friendly service. Our aim is to be an interesting pet supply store, also a helpful & resourceful service to the community with quality animals & products and the best advice.

Q&A Reptiles Exotic Pets - Randburg

Q&A Reptiles Exotic Pets, The Brightwater Commons, Randburg All reptile products ie:exoterra, and zoomed snakes, inguanas, turantura and much more. If we don't have what you want we will find it.

Repti Pets - Randpark Ridge

We at Repti-Pets undertake to provide our customers with the hightest quality service possible. We constantly strive to stock only the very best in livestock and accessories as well as providing sound advice in housing, maintaining and breeding our livestock as well as proper use of all accessories sold within our shop.

Reptilians Petshop - William Nicol Drive

We are very proud of and dedicated to our collection; it has grown from just breeding corn snakes to breeding milk snakes, king snakes, pythons, Boas, geckos and lizards. All our blood lines are of exceptional quality, allot of effort goes into keeping our reptiles in an immaculately clean and healthy environment which in turn helps us breed quality reptiles, which are sold at our Reptilians Pet Shop.

Wild Island Pets - Edenvale

Situated at the Plant Yard, Hyperama, van Riebeek Street, Edenvale . Have various snakes( inc Venomous), lizards, spiders and accessories.
Contact: :J.P. 082 466 7341 Ronny: 082 791 5497 Tel :(011) 454 5286

Creatures and Critters

We are based in kwazulu Natal, and our business has three aspects to it
• Firstly it operates as a breeding facility for various indigenous and exotic reptiles in order to supply quality captive bred animals to the pet trade
• Secondly the shop Creatures & Critters acts as a point of sale to the public for reptiles, birds, fish and mammals as well as all the associated caging and accessories necessary to maintain them optimally in captivity
• Thirdly we supply wholesale to other pet shops and dealers. Trade enquiries welcome

Dragon Fire Reptile Breeding Facility

Everything has its place here at DRAGONFIRE REPTILE BREEDING FACILITY and if an animal has certain requirements every effort is made to meet those requirements and then some. I have set up my facility around the different needs of different species. -

Breeder and Importer of exotic species.

Pure Venom - Reptile Park -KZN

Reptile park and reptile sales. Corns, Rat Snakes & Venomous etc.

Reluke Petplanet

Contact us for any queries :
Tel : 034 31 21848

Cel l: 083 392 1944

25 Flam Crescent Newcastle Kwazulu Natal South Africa

Reluke Petplanet specilising in Exotic pets, now offers you a wide selection of reptiles on show and for sale. With over 50 diffrent species of snakes, iguana,s gecko's Camelions, Skinks, Water Dragons and Basilisks.

Western Cape
Reptile Gardens Reptile Gardens @ Stodels Bellville
  • Retail outlet for reptile keepers 
    • Hardware, cages, hides, misters, 
    • Snake handling equipment. (baggers, tongs, hooks etc.)
    • Reptile Food 
    • Reptile sales, subject to permits

Cell : 084 - 7763537 -  Bjorn Unger

Cape Pets and Reptiles

Cape Garden Centre
56 Tarentaal Street,


Phone 021 9871171

Fax 0219871170

Cell 082 8860806 Rudi Van Zyl

Panorama Pet Shop - Parow

Tel: 021 9302 609

Fax: 021 9303 939

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Last update : 16/12/2008