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Last updated : 28/02/2008

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Reptile Retailers

This page contains links to websites about reptiles in United Kingdom, in the category of "Reptile Retailers", that we have found to date.

Please feel free to advise any incorrect allocations or descriptions and to request any additional links.

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The Chameleon House Ltd -MANSFIELD, NOTTS, NG20 W


Animal Allsorts : Reptiles House NE7 7SA

Beadal Aquatics -Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire

Birmingham Reptiles and Pets : Birmingham

Bites n - Kent

Cambridge Reptiles - Hardwick, CB3 7QJ

Cambridge Reptiles & Exotics opened in January 2000 as a small reptile shop. Since thenCambridge Reptiles & Exotics has expanded and moved into 2000 sq ft premises, the shop now stocks tortoises, snakes, lizards, invertebrates and much more including a comprehensive range of accessories. (see our Stock Lists).

Chesterfield Aquatics and Reptiles - Chesterfield

We have an impressive display of captive-bred reptiles, spiders, insects, and amphibians. If you are interested in keeping an exotic pet but are unsure of any aspect of reptile care, then please come and see us first. We will give you free impartial advice without any obligation to buy. In fact we often turn away eager customers if we feel that they are acting on impulse. Remember a reptile is for life !

Coast to Coast Exotics - Darlington

Coast to Coast Exotics in Darlington is a specialist herpetological shop. We are not a “run of the mill" pet shop, we only sell reptiles, amphibians, spiders, invertebrates and some exotic mammals. This means if you are looking for lizards, snakes, frogs, toads, tortoises, tarantulas, scorpions, hedgehogs and the like – we’re the one for you!

Cotswold Reptile Centre Ltd - Cheltenham

Creature Crazy - Telford

We are 1800sq ft of Pet and Reptile Centre Big enough to Cope,Small enough to Care Husband & Wife team.Dave & Viv Williams with knowledgeable staff to care for you needs.

Crystal Palace Upper Norwood, London

Edinburgh Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets Cumbria - Cumbria CA2 7AX

Welcome to Reptiles,Snakes,Lizards,Tortoises,Amphibians,Spiders,Insects This is the online shop for The Ark Reptile Shop on Wigton Road in Carlisle. is based on the stock that is available in The Ark. The Ark has an WIDE range of species in stock. - Chesterfield

Our team at have a high standard of customer service to provide you with the best quality live stock and related information. We are currently looking into setting up future breeding programs so we can offer you more Captive Bred animals instead of Wild Collected or Captive Farmed, all at a reasonable price. Not only do we provide healthy exotic pets and general care, but also their foods and equipment. Everything you and your exotic pet could ever need will be on this website.

Gillworth Reptiles & Exotics

Godiva Reptiles - Coventry

Keighley Reptiles - Keighley

Welcome to the Keighley Reptiles website, we have tried to provide care sheets for as many different reptiles as possible, although we might not stock these reptiles, therefore it is best to contact us first before coming to the shop. If you are unsure what kind of exotic animal would be suitable for you, then please come on down, or give us a phone call, whether you are looking for snakes or lizards, reptiles or arachnids we have something for you.

Leaping Lizards

At Leaping Lizards our aim is to provide top quality reptiles and advice which is second to none. We have been serving the reptile keepers in around York, as well as further a field for over 5 years. We house a large selection of exotics ranging from reptiles suitable for the beginner to more demanding species for the more experienced herpetologist.

North West Exotic Pets - Wallasey, Wirral

As Well As Reptiles, Snakes, Amphibians And Tarantula, We Offer A Specialist Range Of Live Foods, Starter Kits, Tanks, Vivaria, Substrate, Decor, Vitamins And Minerals, Fluorescent Lighting, And Dry Food, For All Your Exotics.

Northampton Reptile Centre

Northampton Reptile Centre is a friendly family business established in 1995, selling snakes, lizards, tortoises, spiders and amphibians. We give expert advice and provide all that you will need to house your pets and keep them healthy.

Pauls Reptile - EN6 2QU

Welcome to Paul's Reptile Den, where every reptile need is met. We are a family run company with 20 years of experience in reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, marmosets and many other exotic and wonderful creatures, all of which can be purchased from us, through our web site or by visiting our shop.

Pet Zoo - Liverpool

Pet Zoo is a reptile shop & exotic pet shop in Liverpool, offering bearded dragons, geckos, hermann's & horsefields tortoises, water dragons, cornsnakes, milksnakes, sand boas, royal pythons, amphibians, invertebrates, exotic mammals, tropical and coldwater fish, crayfish and crabs. We accept all major credit and debit cards in our shop, telephone orders are welcome too.

ReptAquarium, Canterbury - Kent

Reptile Zone - Bristol Bs34 7BQ

In Short, we stand for quality reptiles. Education and improvement of husbandry knowledge. Top Captive bred reptiles from around the world. The best in heating & lighting equipment. Caresheets and info to aid keepers. Working with other organisations to push the knowledge boundaries of these beautiful creatures.

Reptiles Direct UK

Breeders, suppliers and broker's of quality reptiles throughout the UK and Europe.

ReptilesUK - not complete

This site was set up as a type of directory for people living in the UK to easily find websites made by people who live and keep reptiles in the UK. From surfing the internet I have found out that most of the sites on search engines are American. This is not a problem other than some of the methods that they use e.g. live feeding or keeping certain species out doors.

Scales & Tails - Leicester UK

Scales & Tails was established in 1997. Owned & Run by Dave Cooke an experienced herpetologist. My sole purpose is to offer people quality animals backed by correct husbandry advise .Scales& Tails has a network of contacts worldwide so if we are unable to answer a specific question we probably know a man who can.

In our wonderful world of Exotic Animals and Supplies we understand that each and every customer has individual needs. That is why we will gladly advise you on any queries you have no matter how big or small. With our down to earth services you will soon be ready to make your own decisions without hesitation.

Snakes ''N'' Adders - Leeds

Knowledge is everything with exotics and they like other pets must not be taken for granted. They have specialist requirements which must be met to be able to offer a suitable quality of life. Snakes'N'Adders aim to provide you with enough knowledge of these requirements to allow you to purchase these animals with a clear conscious.

South Coast Exotics - Portsmouth

Stocking Reptiles,Amphibians, Inverts and Exotic Mammals Frozen & Fresh Live Foods always in stock Extensive range of Reptile accessories Vivariums in Five sizes & Four colour finishes usually in stock Wide selection of animals for the novice to the specialist

The Rainforest - Leicester

Our shop opened in South Wigston, Leicester on 24 March 2004. As our name suggests we are a reptile and exotic centre. Our website includes our Current Stock Lists which are Updated Weekly complete with prices.

The Reptile Room : Cleveleys ,Lancashire

The Snake Shop - Sheffield

The World of Exotic Pets - Ramsgate

The World of Exotic Pets is a family owned pet shop based in Ramsgate, Kent. We try to give you the best quality advice and supply you with the healthiest livestock possible, with the animals care coming first. You will be able to buy everything you might need to care for all the animals we cater for and more, and anything we dont stock we will try our hardest to get in for you as quickly as possible.

Viper & Vine - Manchester, UK

Matthew Todd BA(Hons), the creator of Snakes'n'Adders (now owned and run by Mr. Charles Thompson) and The Zoo (Leeds), Gecko Tales Supermart (Bangkok) & The Pit Viper Farm Group (Buriram, Thailand), is pleased to welcome customers new and old to Viper & Vine at 406 Bury New Road, Manchester. - Northampton

Wilton Pet Centre - Essex, SS13 2HN


Worcester Reptiles : Worcester


Captive bred Mediterranean tortoises for sale, care, and advice from experienced breeder. ~ Hermans, Marginated, Greek Spur-thighed, Horsefields ~

The Tortoise Shop

Les White has meticulously cared for, and maintained, several colonies of differing species of tortoise within the UK since the early 1970's. In the spring of 2002 Les turned this lifelong hobby into a full time business venture, breeding his own home bred babies for sale, as well as retailing additional tortoises and products.

Tortoise Basildon, Essex

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Last update : 28/02/2008