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Last updated : 28/02/2008

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Reptile Breeders

This page contains links to websites about reptiles in United Kingdom, in the category of "Reptile Breeders", that we have found to date.

Please feel free to advise any incorrect allocations or descriptions and to request any additional links.

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Bearded Dragons
Bearded Dragons UK Bearded Dragons

World of Reptiles - Nottingham East Midlands

Boa Crazy - SE2 9JN

Here you will find top quality Boa Morphs direct from the breeder. We produce these quality Boa Constrictors at very competitive prices.

Rainbow Boa Home Page : & Others

Boas UK Pythons and Boas

Welcome to UK Pythons and I specialise in breeding exceptional quality pythons and boas. I am a private collector and will offer for sale some of the offspring that I produce. I am always happy to answer your questions and will gladly offer advice on the various species specific captive husbandry techniques I use. Rod Foster


RepStyles: reptiles & accessories

RepStyles is now a thriving business with an ever growing list of customers, run from our home in Wimbledon, London. As we operate solely as an internet based firm this allows us to keep costs low and pass these savings on to you. And concentrate on the important things in life . . . CHAMELEONS!!

Corn Snakes

We are a, UK. based, dedicated breeding establishment which offers some of the more unusual cultivars of the Corn Snake, Honduran Milk Snake & investment Ball Python.

Reptile Lover

Reptile Lover is owned and operated by Tanya Stevens, an acknowledged reptile breeder based in Buckinghamshire, UK and the founder of the Reptile Fan Club Group. With herpetological experience spanning her whole life from her upbringing with a reptile rescue centre to her present passion for Corn Snakes. Breeding was an inevitable con clusion but producing high quality morphs from strong bloodlines where their needs and requirements come before space and costs issues is what sets Reptile Lover apart from all the rest.

Snake Breeder - Darlington

The UK's best breeder for service and advice. We are a family run business in Darlington, Co. Durham who solely deal with breeding snakes. We currently breed over 20 different species of snake and we can deliver to you or you can pick them up from our premises.

Snake City - Midlands

We have snakes from what we consider to be some of the best breeders in the country and last year we were lucky enough to be able to import some beautiful corns from Kathy Love and a greyband and Hondurans from Glades Herps in the US.

GeckoTek: Captive bred Reptiles

Gilbery's Gecko's

We have very informative Leopard Gecko and Crested Gecko care sheets to help you easily understand the requirements these reptiles need to be kept in captivity successfully.

HK Rreptiles

Hi welcome to hkreptiles About page I live in UK my passion for reptiles (Lizards) started in 2002. When I sent a pair of Corn Snakes hatchlings to Pakistan for my nephew. 6 months later I bought a pair for myself. Then within 6 months whilst traveling to Portsmouth to look at a snake I saw a Leopard Gecko babies for sale which I bought. This is where my Leopard Gecko fascination started and since then I managed to collect few to my collection and bred few of my own since

Leopard - breeders & care info

Sticky Feet Geckos - East Sussex

All geckos are Captive Bred from my own animals unless otherwise stated. All parent geckos are Captive Bred unless otherwise stated. All babies are grown on to a minimum of 3 months old and are only sold when I feel they are ready to go to a new home and knowledgeable home
Giant Day Gecko - Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis
Lined Day Gecko - Phelsuma lineata bombetokensis
Dakotas Leaf Toed Gecko - Hemidactylus triedrus triedrus
Striped Leaf Geckos - Gonatodes vittatus

The Gecko Spot - Cwmbran, South Wales

The Lizard Wizard - Breeder and Care Information

General - Pembrokeshire, SW Wales


Coast To Coast Exotics - Darlington

Reptile dealer and breeder in Darlington, North East supplying the largest range of herptiles that you have every seen. All equipment, frozen and live foods always in stock.

DJ Reptiles

Eco Rep :- Captive bred snakes - Essex

Gillworth Reptiles

Bearded Dragons, Hognose , Milk and other Colubrid Snakes as well as Tortoises.

Jamie Swords Reptiles : Breeders and suppliers

Jungle Phase - Hornchurch, Essex, RM12

Welcome to the Jungle Phase website. We are specialist breeders and suppliers of captive bred reptiles. Please use the links above to navigate around the site. We are mail order specialists; but for all those in or near Essex, please come and visit our shop and show room.

Jurassic Pets - Wokingham, Berks, RG40 3AW

We are stockists of ALL your reptile needs, holding products from such manufacturers as Exo-Terra, T-rex, Zoo-Med, Vetark, Medivet and Habistat. We now have a full discussion forum with sections for Snakes, Lizards, Tortoises and amphibians. Full Online ordering is also available for herpetological equipment and our current livestock list is also available online.

KP Reptiles - Chertsey Surrey

Martins Reptiles

We have been keeping and breeding reptiles for over 12 years. During this time we have kept numerous reptiles from corn snakes to chameleons. We have put together this site to try to share what we have learnt and help those who have only just started in this fascinating hobby.


Recessive Reptiles is a professionally run, herpetological breeding facility, based near Cheltenham, England, specialising in "high end", investment pythons and boas.

Reptile Lover : Buckinghamshire

Reptile Madness - B. Dragons & Leopard Geckos

Thank you for taking the time to visit us. Please feel free to browse our care sheets and information pages. We also have a modest line of Bearded Dragons and Leopard Geckos with striking patterns and coloration, all of which are available for sale. - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

We are a small scale private breeder, located in Cheltenham (Gloucestershire) that specialises in producing and selling high quality captive bred reptiles.
Future projects may include:

Leopard Geckos (Eublepharis macularius)

Israeli Dune/Elegant Gecko (Stenodactylus petrii x S.sthenodactylus)

Southern Desert Horned Lizards (Phrynosoma platyrhinos)

T.B.Exotics UK

Welsh Reptile Breeders

Welcome to the updated website of the Welsh Reptile Breeders, incorporating the newly formed, Mystic Gecko and Paragon Pythons.
We specialize in Pythons, particularly Royal / Ball Pythons while also working with Boas, Green Tree Pythons and Womas.
Our Leopard Geckos are second to none, with our new Mystic Gecko lines, truly stunning, being a combination of some of the very best stock it is possible to own.


Morph Specialists

DJ Reptiles - Romsey, Hampshire

DJ Reptiles Telephone: (01794) 501255 E-mail: Snakes | Lizards | Amphibians | Chelonia

Ray Hine Reptiles : Balls & Geckos

In the business of breeding reptiles for over 25 years GECKOS, BALL PYTHONS, MONITORS, and more Normally known for our leopard geckos, we have now put together a large collection of Ball Python morphs. Our stock is from some of the top breeders in America and Europe and include some of the most desirable colour mutations of these amazing snakes.

Right Royal : Ball Pythons

At Triple R we are working with various royal python morphs with a view to producing animals of the highest quality possible and also to provide a service that in itself will be invaluble to collectors and hobbiests alike.

Royal Morphs

Ball / Royal Python Morphs

Royal Pythons Morphs - Portsmouth, Hampshire is a website run by Midge Piasco. Midge has kept various species of snake for over thirty years, his first snakes were a pair of garter snakes, and from that moment on snakes have always been a part of Midge’s life.

Unsual Albino Snakes

My collection now consists of some of the best albino snakes that I have managed to find, in my quest for the best I have imported some amazing snakes from top breeders in the States, and selectively bred others for colour and patterns.

Pythons - Womas, Blackheaded pythons

DB Reptiles

Harford Reptile Breeding Center : Angolan & Ball

The Harford Reptile Breeding Center has been serving the Reptile Community since 1971. We are proud to offer you quality Angolan Pythons, and the finest Ball Python mutations.

Imperial Retics

I have put my Reticulated Python collection together over the last few years and all my animals are selected from the best US stock – I firmly believe I have one of the finest and most diverse collection of retic morphs in the UK.

Paul Harris - UK Pythons - Angolan Pythons

We specialize in the captive breeding of rare, investment quality Python species and designer morphs. We are now based in Stuttgart, Germany although our stock is available in the UK through Ian Aldridge in Surrey. We also ship to our customers around the world.

Perfect Pythons - Junction 9 of the M5

Perfect Pythons is a private breeder,We have more than 12 years experience and knowledge with reptiles, not just with pythons. We only provide quality pythons for your collection and are not only limited to private sales - we also supply to the trade.

Reptile Crazy - Norwich, Norfolk

We are a husband and wife team based in Norwich, Norfolk. We have had a personal interest in reptiles for many years. In recent years we have concentrated our efforts on Australian pythons such as blackhead and woma pythons but our real passion is for green tree pythons. We are proud to say we have managed to breed these beautiful animals in consecutive years. Visit our sister site at to view our green tree python project.

South West Pythons



Woolfboids - just south of Bristol

We have been keeping and breeding snakes for over 10 years, Recently a stay abroad forced us to sell our large collection and on our return we vowed to build a collection of quality animals. Currently we are working with Brazialian rainbow boas, Jungle carpet pythons and chondro's. With more chondro's on the way this year, including high white aru's and more sorongs, white lip pythons and Amazon basin emerald tree boas we are hoping to collect a breeding group second to none.

DC Tortoises

I want a tortoise

My Hermann Tortoises

Hermann tortoise hatchlings for sale in Devon, Please click here to express an interest. I will get back to you with the availability of the hatchlings as soon as I can. Alternatively call me (John) on my mobile telephone listed below.

Shelled Warriors - links to UK Breeders

Welcome to Shelled Warriors, a site dedicated to the welfare and keeping of all species of Tortoises, from Tropicals to Meds, Africans to Asians! Hopefully this website will be a useful source for all Tortoise keepers young and old and it will be updated frequently to ensure all advice is current and up to date. Much of the advice given from pet shops and some internet sources is poor to say the least, and the masses of conflicting advice available can beconfusing. We want to help set this straight.

The Tortoise Lady -

The Tortoise

Careful expansion and prudent investment over the last few years has seen The Tortoise Shop grow into the UK's market leader in tortoise breeding, retailing, tortoise product design and in-house manufacturing. However, unlike most large companies The Tortoise Shop still prides itself in operating a very personal and friendly service - putting customers and their tortoises first!

Tortoise - Barry, CF62 4YU

We often have available various species of tortoise of various ages and size. All tortoises offered by us where required by law are accompanied by CITIES (Convention on Trade in Endangered Species) documentation issued by DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs). We accept all types of Credit and Debit Cards and can offer a door to door UK Courier Service.

Turbo Tortoises

Welcome to the Turbo Tortoise website! Please use the above links to navigate around the site and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. On my site you can find out a bit more about me and my tortoises, plus information on care and availability of baby tortoises. I also have a Tortoise diary which I update weekly so you can see what happening.

Tree Boas & Pythons
Green Tree

Tree Boas & Pythons Sit on a stick - Scotland

Over the years I have selected some of the best snakes from breeders and dealers in the USA and Europe, ensuring that snakes in my breeding groups have originated from diverse and unrelated sources.

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Last update : 28/02/2008