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Last updated : 28/02/2008

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Reptile Accessories, Food, & Other Requisites

This page contains links to websites about reptiles in United Kingdom, in the category of "Reptile Accessories, Food, & Other Requisites", that we have found to date.

Please feel free to advise any incorrect allocations or descriptions and to request any additional links.

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Books - Herpetological Literature - Books: Reptiles and amphibians

All Pet - Faringdon, Oxon, SN7 7AA

All Pet is the new home for Reptile Ranch ( - as well as continuing to sell a wide range of reptile products such as reptile food, vivariums and starter kits, we now also stock a comprehensive range of products for other pets such as birds, cats, dogs, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits.

Euro Rep Ltd - Middlesex UB3 1EF. UK.

Europes largest manufacturer and distributor of Reptile Products

Monkfield Nutrition UK - Wendy:Royston:UK

Monkfield Nutrition Ltd has been breeding live reptile food, including brown and black crickets, locusts, mealworms and morio worms, in the UK for over twenty years. We distribute to private individuals, shops and wholesalers across the UK and Europe. We have gained much experience in breeding, packing and distributing our live reptile food to arrive in optimum conditions. We are always looking for alternative live food for reptiles and are constantly researching new insects for commercial production in the UK market.

Reptile Connection - Southampton

Welcome to Reptile Connection online! We have over 18 years experience in keeping and breeding reptiles. Thats why we have earned the reputation of being Southampton's number one reptile supplier. Here at Reptile Connection we can offer you: An extensive product range that includes all the major brands, such as Zoo-med, Exo-terra, Habistat, T-rex, Arcadia and Lucky-Reptile. A wide range of live foods freshly packed every day. A wide range of frozen foods. Friendly technical advice and backup. Captive bred livestock. Competitive prices.

Rob - Surrey, GU10 4LG

Snakes, Lizards, Chameleons, Tortoises - UK Supplier reptiles products - substrates, heat mats, live food, UV, T-Rex, Exo Terra


Striving to bring you the best products for the best prices

Wharf - Nottinghamshire. NG16 6LH

Our Reptile section opened in the summer of 2004, and stocks an impressive range of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. We have more than 70 vivariums containing a wide range of animals from geckos and bearded dragons to chameleons and monitor lizards, corn snakes to boa constrictors, tortoises and turtles, frogs, toads, newts and salamanders, spiders and scorpions to exotic crabs. Please see our visit our Stock section for up to date information.

General - on-line suppliers
General - on-line suppliers All Things Reptile

Backgrounds Books Caves/Hides Dishes Feeding Accessories Food Heating Lamps,Guards and Fittings Lighting Controllers Lights Med's, Vit's and Cleaners Misc Moss - Leaves Plants Snake Products Substrates Tank Lids Tanks Temp Gauges Thermostats Turtle Vines & Branches Water Accessories

Animal Instinct UK is the premier online pet shop specialising in quality pets products & innovative pets accessories for Dogs, Cats, Small Animals, Reptiles, Birds and Fish. Our extensive range of quality pets products is designed to meet the needs of pet lovers and provide the ideal environment for your pets. Express Delivery, Low Prices and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

B.J. Herp Supplies ( - Dorchesr

Established in 1984, Jerry Cole the owner of B.J. Herp Supplies (BJHS) has always been dedicated to the responsible keeping of reptiles in captivity. One of our main focus points at BJHS is to expand knowledge & the care of reptiles within the captive environment. We only produce and deal with the very best UK Captive bred livestock and provide you with the correct and best information to keep and breed your specific species in Captivity.

Blagdon Reptile House - North Somerset, BS40 5DN

Welcome to the Blagdon Reptile House NEW web site. Now with our lowest prices ever, you can order now at special online prices and have your goods delivered direct to your door. Here you will find all your reptile requirements, from help and advice in our Resource Centre to environment, reptile food and more in our Online Catalogue.

Cornish Crispa Co - products on-line

Welcome to the Cornish Crispa Co! This is the place to buy from a massive range of aquatic, pet & reptile products on-line! We also offer a selection of educational gift ideas for all ages.

Every thing for - On-line shopping

Life force online. Pet Requisites

Reptile Department
In our reptile section you will find Vivarium kits for Snakes, Lizards, Tortoises and Terrapins. Exotic pets are catered for with innovative accessories. Also exciting products to tickle your Tarantulas fancy.

Pet - Ireland

Pet accessories from Ireland. Reptile Housing Accessories Reptile Housing Reptile Bedding and Sands Reptile Dens, Caves and Waterfalls Reptile Feeders Reptile Food Reptile Lighting Reptile Measuring Heating Reptile Heating Reptile Plants Reptile Care

Pet Shop 4 REPTILE - Supplies, Vivariums Cages etc

FAST DELIVERY UK & Europe The Pet Express - The Online Pet Shop That Delivers Direct To Your Door

Pets Pet Supplies & Care Products

Welcome to the UKs best selection of Pet Care and Aquatic supplies. Browse our selection of pet care supplies to choose the perfect product for your pet. Take a look at our pet care articles to pick up some great tips.

Rocket Reptile - Westoning, Beds, MK45 5LL.

Rocket Reptile is a family organisation with many years of experience in the aquatic & reptile trade. We operate an internet based service which ensures that we keep costs down, enabling us to pass the significant savings on to you. Utilising a warehouse facility in the UK our extensive stock ensures that we can successfully meet your requirements.

Surrey Pet Supplies - Hersham, Surrey

Retail Outlet Our massive retail outlet has everything you could want for your pet. We stock thousands of products at prices you just won't believe, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have. If travelling a long distance please call ahead to check availability of products.

Top Pet Shop : Online Pet Requisites

Welcome to Top Pet Shop The one stop shop for your pet that puts your pet top Please select a category to enter our shop to browse and to buy.

UK Pet - The One-Stop-Shop

At UKPetSupplies we source the best UK Pet Supplies for your pets! We sell products for cats, dogs, small animals (including hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, rats, rabbits, ferrets and chinchillas), fish, tropical fish, birds (including budgies, canaries, cockatiels, finches, and parrots), wild birds and reptiles (including gheckos, bearded dragons, iguanas, frogs, and lizards.

Urmston Aquatics & Reptile Centre, Manchester

Heat packs for shipping
Heat Packs UK

Incubation specialists
A.B. Incubators

Brinsea Products LTD

Pet Insurance
Exotic Direct

PHA Pet Insurance UK

Reptile Food
Bugs Direct

Breeders & suppliers of exotic insects. Retail and wholesale supply. Online shopping. - Cambridgeshire

Reptile Food Edu-Sci Ltd - Live food items online

Faunology UK - Live Foods online

Reptile Food Livefood UK

Livefood UK Ltd. is a family run business producing Crickets, Locusts and other live insect foods since 1989 of the HIGHEST QUALITY to enable a VERY LONG SHELF LIFE and EXCELLENT NUTRITIONAL VALUE.

Silkworm Supplies from Seritech

Vivariums & Enclosures
Cosy Tortoises - Anne-Louise Haggerstone

Design and make tortoise accommodation with tortoise welfare as our first priority. We have several species of tortoise ourselves and have many years experience of caring for tortoises (see Our tortoises page). We realised that you can't buy enclosures that are ideal for tortoises needs so made our own using the best material possible.

Exotic Pet

We specialise in supplying handmade Vivariums, reptile houses and enclosures at very competitive prices. We supply direct to the customer and we can also fulfil trade requests.

Global Reptiles - Walthamstow, London

Ian's Vivarium


Each of these enclosures are hand crafted and designed specifically for your animal's needs. These enclosures are especially suited for housing reptiles because of the habitat they are capable of providing. We also design and build Custom Reptile Cages for Cafe's, Restaurants, and nonprofit organizations such as Schools, Museums, Zoos & Nature Centers.

Repcage - Terry Thatcher - Oxford

In addition to this, Terry has utilised his many years of experience to design and build some superb aluminium framed, wire mesh cages and these are now available for sale
These cages both look elegant and address the need for good ventilation, protection from heat and light sources and even the ability to move the cages into natural sunlight if weather conditions permit without restricting the view of the animals.
These cages are ideal for animals such as chameleons, geckos, anolis lizards, and even many invertebrates.

Viv Builder, supplying vivariums to UK Reptile

Reptile - wholesale rock finishes for pet

Welcome to REPTILE ROCK.COM We are a manufacturing company of rock finish products for pet shop businesses and supply directly to them. We use fibreglass and resin in our process which is 100% safe for all animals.

Tetra Fauna - Reptile Products from Tetra UK


Underworld has been at the forefront of an unprecedented growth in popularity of reptile keeping, by providing new and innovative products that improve the health and happiness of these animals. The products range from species specific diets to the most advanced reptile lighting, used by zoos and breeders around the globe.

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Last update : 28/02/2008