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Last updated : 09/10/2007

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Reptile Accessories, Food, & Other Requisites

This page contains links to websites about reptiles in USA - by category, in the category of "Reptile Accessories, Food, & Other Requisites", that we have found to date.

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General - online
Big Apple Herpetological - NY

Big Apple Herpetological began in New York City in 1993 when Jurassic Park was the blockbuster summer movie and everyone seemed to be purchasing reptiles as a pet.

Carolina Pet

We carry a wide variety of foods and supplies for reptiles. If there is a particular food or supply that you need but don\'t see here, contact us and we will do our best to help you.


Circle Pet is the leading provider of factory direct aquarium metal halide lighting, fish tank, reef aquarium, small and large pet and exotic reptile supplies. REPTILE SUPPLIES - Lamps, Heaters, Thermometers and Accessories

East Bay - Berkeley, CA

At the East Bay Vivarium, our store is stocked with a variety of supplies to meet the needs of your reptile or amphibian pets. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about the supplies we carry.

Foster & Smith, Inc - Rhinelander, WI

Reptile supplies from Drs. Foster & Smith include reptile cages, reptile food, lighting, cage accessories, live crickets, heat lamps, online herp health care guides and other reptile products for your pet reptile. - Secaucus , NJ

Enhance your reptilian friend’s environment with these specially designed products. Reptile Habitat Products Reptile Food All Accessories & Supplies

Herp - Indian Harbor Beach, FL

The best Amphibian and Reptile supplies and accessories. ~ Over 3000 products! ~ Quality products for all Reptiles and Amphibians (and those who love them)!

Pet - Beavercreek, OH

Why Shop with Pet Solutions We've been helping people just like you care for their pets since 1950 and have been on the Web since 1996. We offer secure and easy shopping and pride ourselves on providing the absolute best in customer service. - Harleysville, PA

Reptile Food Habitats & Accessories Healthcare Heaters & Lighting Substrate

Pets Warehouse - Copiague, New York

Pets Warehouse started in 1974 with breeding birds. Today we are one of the industry's top pet retailers. Our web site has been ranked #2 by Yahoo Internet Life magazine and as the third most visited site by NPD. Our success has been built on a simple principle: take care of every customer and make them number one.

Reptile Accessories & Supplies available from

We have searched and have created the following, pre-configured searches for you, which should yield the desired results and save you some time. Please note there are some products that will appear in more than one search, and this is dependant on the keywords used on the website. These pre-configured searches can be expanded and or restricted on the results page, so as to best suit your specific preferences.

Reptile Basics Inc - Trinity, NC

Welcome to Reptile Basics Inc Welcome to Reptile Basics Inc online store. Here you will find only products that we recommend and use ourselves. You will find our pricing to be extremely competitive and our service second to none.

Reptile - Chino, CA

At our commitment to excellence is proven through our willingness to succeed. We strive on the eagerness to satisfy every customer and provide only the highest quality reptiles and supplies

General - online Reptile - FL, USA

Welcome to! A site for reptile enthusiasts by reptile enthusiasts. Thanks for stopping by, we hope that you will let us be your supply headquarters. We do our best to stock the best names in reptile supplies at the best possible prices. For questions or concerns about a product, or if you just want to talk reptiles, please contact us.

Reptiles Direct - North Tonawanda, NY

Reptile supplies are our specialty at ReptileDirect. Welcome to our reptile supply store where you will find the largest selection of reptile supplies anywhere. We're sure you'll love our everyday low prices . Our low markup allows us to sell our huge selection of reptile supplies at the lowest prices

The Reptile Source - USA

We have an inventory of over 1000 Reptile Supplies and related products including a huge selection of reptile foods, lighting and heating equipment, incubators, snake hooks and tongs, enclosures, apparel and much much more.

World Pet - Chillicothe, OH

We guarantee that your information is safe with us and will not be sold, traded or rented to anyone! If you have any questions about a product orMost orders will ship the same day if it was received before 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. In most cases & your order will usually arrive in 2-7 business days after we ship it!

Habitat control products
Helix Controls - CA

Helix Controls are leaders in Proportional Environmental Control Systems. Reliable, accurate control systems are crucial to the health and comfort of your reptiles. For your valuable Vivarium or Breeding Unit .Choose the Best! _ NY

At Pro Products we have a simple philosophy, offer only top of the line habitat control products and back them with a total commitment to customer satisfaction. If you want superior, innovative habitat control products for your vivarium, then you have found them here at Pro Products.

Spyder Robotics -IL

Spyder Robotics' goal is to provide consumers with products that utilize the latest in technology, reliability, ease of use, and yet still be affordable. I started this company after realizing the lack of low cost, customized products. I had some great ideas on how to lower the cost of technology and that's what I did.

Incubators & electrical controls
Avey Incubator - Evergreen CO

Our new lines of Precision Reptile Incubators are designed for precise control of temperature and humidity. Stable within 1/10 of a degree C. All digital microprocessor controls. Passcode protection temperature setup.

Lyon Rural Electric Co. - Chula Vista, CA

Our products include highly sophisticated and easy to use Animal Intensive Care Units of various sizes and models used by veterinarians, zoos, exotic animal breeders and veterinary schools. Additionally, we are the exclusive distributors of German made Grumbach incubators for the North American market.

Reptile UV - Mac Industries Inc

All of our lighting products have the approximate CRI (color rendering index), lux (light intensity) and (if they are UV lamps) the amount of UVB and UVA (microwatts per square centimeter) they produce included in their description.

Reptile Food
American Rodent Supply, LLC - Indianapolis, IA

American Rodent Supply, LLC is your source for premium quality frozen mice, rats, rabbits, and chicks. Established by Brian Hahn in 1993 (formerly Midwest Reptile & Rodents), American Rodent Supply, LLC services a broad range of customers from reptile hobbyists to national zoos and birds of prey rehabilitation centers. We offer only top quality feeder animals that have been raised on scientifically formulated nutritionally complete diets, euthanized with CO2, and flash frozen.

Armstrong's Cricket Farm - Glennville, GA.

The commercial cricket growing industry, as it is known today, was originally conceived and actually founded by the late A.T. Armstrong. Until our original farm at Glennville, GA. was started in 1947, there were NO commercial cricket growers on the American scene. From our small beginning in Glennville, Georgia, we now boast two of the largest farms in the nation!

Big Cheese Rodent Factory - TX

Breeder of superior quality frozen feeder mice and rats. Our rodents are fed the highest quality rodent chow, which contains natural rodents foods.

Cricket Food - Casselberry, Florida

Fluker -Port Allen, La

Fluker Farms has been breeding feeder insects for over 50 years, and breeding reptiles for over a decade. Suppiers of live Crickets, Fruit Flies, Hissing Cockroaches, Meal Worms/Giants, Super Worms, Accessories, Bowls & Caves, Diets, Feeder Supplies, Heating & Lighting, Plants, Vines, Bed, Vitamins & Health, Wood Pieces, Gift Certificates

Our frozen rodents are shipped in insulated boxes with dry ice and are shipped one of the following ways: UPS next day air, UPS second day air, Airborne Express, US Postal Service Express Mail or US Postal Service Priority Mail, whichever is most dependable and economical to your area.

Mice on Ice - Gainsville, Florida

Zoological Pet Food, Inc

MiceDirect - Cleveland and Clarkesville, Georgia

MiceDirect, a dba of Biggers & Callaham, LLC is an industry-leading producer and distributer of feeder mice and rats. Our facilities are located in Cleveland and Clarkesville, Georgia. As experienced rodent professionals, we serve a wide range of customers, from hobbyists to some of the world's largest and most respected breeders. - Blacksburg, VA is an online outlet of ZooQuatic Pet Center, a local pet store in Blacksburg, Virginia. With over 45 years in the pet business, we have the experience to assist you with all of your pet needs. Our retail location consists of 5400 square feet of animals and supplies.

Premium Crickets

We are a small company that's big on service. We are the preferred supplier for many of the nations top reptile breeders! Suppliers of Live Crickets, Live Worms, Cricket Food, Books, Snake Hooks, Wholesale Crickets

Reptile - Reptile Salad suppliers

I have done extensive research and have developed unique blends of reptile foods unlike those you find in the big retail outlets. To start with, I grow all foods organically. This means no harmful fertilizers or pesticides. The end result is a happier and healthier pet. - Evansville, Indiana

Welcome to the online home of, LLC. Our company specializes in the production and distribution of frozen mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks and quail.® has provided premium quality feeder animals to the reptile, birds of prey, aquatic and carnivore communities since 1993.

SAS Supply Online - Germantown, NY

We are a division of a major US mouse and rat breeder supplying many research organizations throughout the country and around the world. This provides us with access to the highest quality feeder animals and animal diets. Now, SAS is continuing to expand its product line to further assist you, our valued customers, in feeding your animals the highest quality diets. We now have frozen guinea pigs and chicks availableas well as milled reptile and rodent diets.

The Gourmet Rodent - Archer, FL

Providing quality animals through superior care since 1986 Mice/Rats Rabbits/Chicks Frozen rodents are packed with dry ice and shipped UPS NEXT DAY AIR, or FedEx Standard Overnight. The cost depends on the weight of THE ENTIRE SHIPMENT, and must therefore be estimated by us and paid in advance. Heavier orders of frozen rodents are packed with dry ice and shipped Delta Air Freight Collect.

The Mouse Factory - Alpine, TX

At The Mouse Factory we produce the highest quality frozen feeder mice and rats. We take pride in the exceptional care in which we raise our colonies and this is reflected in the health and appearance of our rodents thus contributing to the improved health of your reptiles. Each humanely raised colony is fed our specially formulated diet of nutritionally balanced mouse or rat chow, blended with a mixture of natural whole grains and seeds.

Worm Man's Worm Farm - NJ

Insect suppliers to gardeners, hobbyists, breeders, pet shops, fishermen and more.

Terrariums and Vivariums (Habitats, Cages)
Animal Plastics, inc - Johnston, IA,

Cages Rack Systems rack heating options cage top options Thermostats lighting Hide Boxes

Black Jungle Terrarium Supply - Turners Falls, MA

Exotic Plants & Natural Decor Suitable for Keeping Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates, etc. in Terrarium & Vivarium Habitats •Breeders of Poison Dart Frogs• Chances are, you found this site because you share our love of nature and the world of plants and animals. Bringing nature into your home can provide a unique experience of exotic beauty with rewards of endless possibilities.

Boaphile Plastics - Cannon Falls, MN

We build Reptile and Amphibian Cages and Racks with all the accessories you will need and more!

Cages by Design - Neenha, WI was established in 1997 as an enclosure manufacturer. We have been selling directly to customers online, over the phone, and in person all over the United States ever since.

Critter Condo - (inc. installations for retailers ) Chino - CA

SERVING PET SHOPS, ZOO'S & WILDLIFE CENTERS SINCE 2005 All Critter Condos reptile enclosures are stackable one on top of each other without the need for racks or shelving. All Critter Condos cages have rear venting for proper airflow when stacked. Available in a variety of colors and designs. Easy to clean and chemical resistant.

Terrariums and Vivariums (Habitats, Cages) - FL

All of our cages and racks are Built out of ABS, which is more durable and heat resistant than PVC. It is textured on the outside which gives them a very decorative look and on the inside they are slick, which makes them very easy to clean.

Habitat Systems - Des Moines, IA

Habitat Systems was born because one man – Tom Weidner – was not satisfied with any commercially available reptile enclosures. Tom has been raising reptiles for 55 years and has been breeding and selling reptiles for the last 30 years. He is friend and confidant to most of the large breeders in the United States. His current, personal collection includes over 200 animals, including over 100 Emerald Tree Boas and Green Tree Pythons. His facility, the T&L Vivarium, has been the proving ground for nearly all of the design ideas incorporated into the Habitat Systems Limited cage line.

Herp Enclosures - Lexington,VA

By comparing material type, workmanship, design, durability, and features; even the most discriminating herper would have to agree Herp Enclosures racks are dollar for dollar the best racking system available.

Monster Cages - Winona, MN

You not only get a great looking reptile cage from Monster Cages. Along with being the strongest reptile keeping systems you can buy, our plastic reptile cages and racks are chemical resistant, non-porous, and easy to clean and maintain.

We have cages, lights, and everything else you need for your pets habitat.


The Next Generation of Reptile Cages
Lightweight High-Density Polyethylene Construction

Terra 5 Designs -CA

We also build terrariums, museum and zoo exhibits and hold seminars to help educate people that are interested in nature. Ask us how we can design custom sized enclosures, furniture quality cabinetry, full life supports applications for reptiles and amphibians, complete terrarium, interior habitat, palidariums, orchidariums and our new line...Arachnovariums are designed for your enjoyment.

Tongs & other equipment

Midwest Tongs.Com is proud to introduce to you the highest quality snake handling tools made in the USA. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations of our professional grade equipment. The people at Midwest have been taking care of various exotic animals for over 30 years, with all of our products being designed and tested with them in mind. On line store

Hooks, Tongs and Other Equipment

Are you a professional snake handler or hunter? Are you looking for the best professional snake handling equipment? If the answer to either of these questions is 'Yes', you've come to the right place!

Tomahawk Live Trap

Tomahawk Live Trap also manufactures it own Snake Tongs and Cat Graspers in a variety of different sizes and materials. Customers can choose between a light weight and very durable substance, or stick with the original, and heavier, cast aluminum and steel substance.

Wholesalers & Manufacturers
Ectotherm Inc. - Cedar Falls, IA

We produce a wide range of reptile and invertebrate products ranging from our line of moist diets to supplements and specialized Tortoise products.

Rolf C. Hagen Inc.

Welcome to the Rolf C. Hagen Inc.
International World Wide Web Site.
Distributors of Exo Terra world wide.

Excellent retail outlet locator that can be use to find Reptile retailers in your town of choice.

Zoo Med Laboratories Inc - CA

Wholesalers & Manufacturers Zoo Med Replacement Parts - direct from Zoo Med

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