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Herp Soc. , Associations & Clubs

This page contains links to websites about reptiles in USA - by category, in the category of "Herp Soc. , Associations & Clubs", that we have found to date.

Please feel free to advise any incorrect allocations or descriptions and to request any additional links.

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Breeders & Trader Associations
American Cornsnake Registry - Palmyra, WI

Federated Amphibian & Reptile Traders of the Southeast

Clubs and Associations
Florida Venomous Keepers Society

National Alternative Pet Association

Promoting responsible private and commercial ownership of exotic animals
Website - Exotic Pet Care Info, Free Exotic Pet Adoption/Placement Listings, Exotic Pet Rescue Networking, Education of owners, breeders, pet shops, lawmakers, rescue groups, etc., Information Gathering for State, County or City Legalization Efforts concerning exotics and watch on exotic pet Legislation, Exotic Pet Vet Referral, Exotic Pet Breeders Listing, Exotic Animal Bookstore...

North Carolina Association of Reptile Keepers

The North Carolina Association of Reptile Keepers was created in the spring of 2005 to establish standards for caging, husbandry and safety protocols for keepers in this state. We believe that keeping reptiles is part of our constitutionally guaranteed rights. Our hope is to enhance the experience of keeping reptiles in the State of North Carolina with the priorities of animal health, public safety and personal responsibility at the forefront of our efforts.

Herpetological Societies
Center for North American Herpetology

Board of Directors voted to change the name of the foundation to The Center for North American Herpetology (CNAH), to better reflect modern evidence that amphibians, turtles, reptiles, crocodilians, and tuataras are equivalent taxonomic groupings (i.e., Clades or Classes). CNAH continues to operate as a non-profit foundation.

Herpetological Societies Colorado Herpetological Society

The Colorado Herpetological Society was started in 1972 in Denver, Colorado, as a non-profit group dedicated to:
educating the membership on the natural history, conservation, and captive husbandry of reptiles and amphibians.

educating the public about the importance of reptiles and amphibians in our world.

improve the public image of reptiles and amphibians.

educate the young to appreciate the wonder and beauty of all natural life, especially reptiles and amphibians, so that our world will continue to have herpetologists and amateurs who will study and care for our worlds reptiles and amphibians.

Comment : Good Care sheets on snakes and Lizards

Kentucky Herpetological Society

The Kentucky Herpetological Society is a non-profit reptile and amphibian hobbyist group dedicated to:
1) Enhancing the education of members and the general public in Herpetology and Herpetoculture through the facilities of the Society.

2) Promoting conservation and quality care of all wildlife, herpetofauna in particular, whenever and wherever possible.

3) Providing information for the advancement of Herpetology.

4) Achieving a closer cooperation and understanding between amateur and professional herpetologists so that they may work together towards common goals.

Long Island Herpetological Society

The Long Island Herpetological Society, Inc. (LIHS, Inc.) is a New York State registered, non-profit organization formed to educate the members of the organization and the public with respect to the conservation, ecological role and captive care of reptiles and amphibians. This encompasses all aspects of herpetology. The membership is composed primarily of hobbyists, however amongst our many members are some of the finest herpetologists, herp veterinarians, professional breeders, active conservationists and biological researchers.

Minnesota Herpetological Society

The Minnesota Herpetological Society (MHS) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization open to anyone with an interest in amphibians and reptiles.

Missouri Herpetological Association

The organization now known as the Missouri Herpetological Association (MHA) started life as a specialized "sub-gathering" of the annual Missouri Academy of Science meeting.

Nebraska Herpetological Society

The Nebraska Herpetological Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles, the encouragement of responsible captive propagation, and the promotion of public education and understanding of reptiles and amphibians.

New England Herpetological Society

The Society was founded in 1972, and was originally known as the Massachusetts Herpetological Society. As the membership base began to expand past the borders of Massachusetts, a vote was taken and the name changed to the New England Herpetological Society. One of the objectives of the Society is to educate both members and the public as to the value of reptiles and amphibians.

North Carolina Herpetological Society

To work to perpetuate the conservation of amphibians and reptiles through education and dissemination of scientific information through the facilities of the Society.

Northeast Pennsylvania Herpetological Society

We are a non-profit organization established September 1, 1999 by a few devoted people who saw the need for a Herpetological Society in our area. It is our goal to educate the public, to conserve our biological and ecological habitats, and to perform reptile rescue work and rehabilitations.

Northern California Herpetological Society

NCHS is a non-profit organization devoted to serving a variety of constituents: those interested in conservation of native reptile and amphibian species; those wishing to buy and sell captive-bred specimens; and those who want to enhance their general knowledge of and acquaintance with herpetoculture.

Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society

The Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society (PNHS) is a non-profit organization registered with the State of Washington. PNHS is open to anyone, reptile owner or not, and is dedicated to the education of its members and the public, as well as the conservation, ecology, and captive care and breeding of reptiles and amphibians. The Society also takes an active role in legislative and environmental issues affecting these animals and their habitats.

Phoenix Herpetological Society

Welcome to the Phoenix Herpetological Society’s Web site. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, rehabilitating and preserving native and non-native reptiles in Arizona.

Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR)

SSAR, a not-for-profit organization established to advance research, conservation, and education concerning amphibians and reptiles, was founded in 1958. It is the largest international herpetological society, and is recognized worldwide for having the most diverse program of publications, meetings, and other activities.

South Texas Herpetology Association

We offer a variety of activities for our members, including opportunities for outreach presentations, field trips, and reptile rescue operations in conjunction with local law enforcement ("snake calls"). For more information see - STHA Reptile Rescue Program

Southern Nevada Herpetological Society

SNHS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the education of its members and the general public about the proper care, maintenance, treatment, and breeding of reptiles and amphibians. The SNHS is committed to the conservation, ecology and natural history of reptiles and amphibians in the wild, especially with regard to herpetofauna native to Nevada.

Southwestern Herpetologists Society

Al Robbins Chapter (Bakersfield)

Inland Empire Branch

Los Angeles Chapter

San Gabriel Valley Chapter

Texas Herpetological Society

The Purposes of the Society Shall Be
To promote the discovery and dissemenation of knowledge of amphibians and reptiles

To encourage specifically the study of amphibians and reptiles in Texas;

To encourage conservation of wildlife in general and of amphibians and reptiles in Texas in particular;

To stimulate fellowship among herpetologists of Texas and the Southwest

Tucson Herpetological Society

The Tucson Herpetological Society is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to conservation, education and research concerning the amphibians and reptiles of Arizona and Mexico. It started as a result of a meeting, on December 29, 1987, of a group of individuals with a common interest in herpetology.

Virginia Herpetological Society

"A society for everyone interested in the Education, Conservation, and Research of amphibians and reptiles"
Distribution Maps, Photos etc.

Herpetological Societies Western New York Herpetological Society

We are an organization of enthusiasts in the Buffalo and Rochester area with a shared interest in herps in the wild and as pets.
Our Comment : Excellant recource of Care sheets and other info

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Reptile Magazine - Herp Society & Club Listings

Tortoise and Turtle.
California Turtle & Tortoise Club's - links

Turtle & Tortoise Organizations

Turtle & Tortoise Genera & Species Specific Sites

Turtle & Tortoise Biology

Turtle & Tortoise Health

Chelonian Bibliographies

Turtle Checklists by State or Region

Turtle & Tortoise Publications & Media

Venomous Society
Southeastern Hot Herp Society

The Southeastern Hot Herp Society is a non profit organization dedicated to venomous reptile conservation through education. The society was formed in September 1998 as a response to the lack of an official body specifically for venomous reptile keepers, and due to an ever present apathy toward venomous reptile conservation. The society is primarily composed of venomous reptile keepers and is based in the southeastern United States.

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