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Last updated : 20/05/2007

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Educational Websites

This page contains links to websites about reptiles in Australia, in the category of "Educational Websites", that we have found to date.

Please feel free to advise any incorrect allocations or descriptions and to request any additional links.

Note : By default all links open in new window.

Australian Museum: Reptiles of Sydney

Brian Bush's Homepage

Bushman Films

Pilbara Pythons - Western Australian

Radical Reptiles - Brisbane

Radical Reptiles is a Brisbane based family owned and operated business that can bring the Wonderful World of Reptiles direct to your school, club, show, display, or other event. The Mobile Displays showcase live both venomous and non-venomous snakes, lizards, turtles, and, even crocodiles.

Reptiles of Australia


SOS Aussies is a pioneer and leader in the field of mobile environmental education and reptile displays. Originating over 15 years ago through a joint initiative with the famous Australian Reptile Park, the legendry “We’re All Little Aussies” program paved the way for the next chapter - SOS Aussies – which explores emerging Aussie environmental issues and presents them within the framework of our unique, much loved, SOS Aussies formula…… with , of course, a lot of help from our scaly friends!

Sydney's Elapids

General Reptile Care
Keeping Exotic Venomous Snakes in Australia

Rainforest Reptiles - Tropical North Queensland - husbandry of reptiles

ARAZPA - Tuatara (spiny back)

ARAZPA - Frilled Lizard

Blue Tongue

The Lizards of Oz (1) - (1.3 MB - PDF )

The Lizards of Oz (2) - (254 KB - PDF )

Photo Libaries - stock-photography-reptiles

Ocean Wide - OZ reptiles

Reptile Wallpapers - Richard Seaman

Reptiles Australia Pictures Gallery

School Websites or for students
Australian Animals - Reptiles and Amphibians

Australian Dinosaur Story, Intro for teachers

Conserving Australia's biological diversity: DEH

Dangerous Australian Creatures

Year 4B at Rochedale State School

Training Courses & Shows
Reptiles Galore - Mobile Reptile Display - NSW

Reptiles Galore is a privately owned, fully insured Mobile Reptile Display business that has been operating since 1996. We are approved and authorized by NSW Department of Agriculture to come to your venue and educate. We are the only mobile exhibitors licensed to exhibit exotic animals such as the boa constrictor. Our displays can now include spiders & bugs.

Roaming Reptiles - on site demonstrations & shows

Roaming Reptiles has a variety of ‘critters’ available to bring to schools, kinders, groups and birthday parties. We have full public liability insurance. - Melbourne

The Snakehandler team have designed this site to increase public awareness on reptiles, snakebite prevention and snakes around residences. We also provide information for reptile keepers on various facets of reptile husbandry, snake control and herpetological research. The Snakehandler Team enjoy educating people about reptiles and have developed several courses to help the general public learn more about caring for reptiles in captivity. We also train people in catching venomous reptiles and relocating them. - Queensland

Martin has over 30 years experience working with animals, in a range of capacities from Technical Officer positions at Cancer Institute (Melbourne) and Melbourne University, a Zookeeper at Healesville Sanctuary, London Zoo, Colwyn Bay Zoo (Wales) and Chester Zoo, and a Teacher at T.A.F.E.s in Victoria (10 years in Animal Studies) and Cairns, Queensland. During this time Martin has conducted field trips in Victoria and Queensland for students studying Australian Fauna. Herpetology interests were formed early, and include the relocation of reptiles for nearly three decades in Victoria and Queensland and the providing of Demonstrations and Educational talks utilising his personal collection of animals.

ARAZPA - Loggerhead Turtle

Australian Turtle Information -

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Last update : 20/05/2007