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Last updated : 20/05/2007

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Reptile Breeders

This page contains links to websites about reptiles in Canada, in the category of "Reptile Breeders", that we have found to date.

Please feel free to advise any incorrect allocations or descriptions and to request any additional links.

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Australian Pythons
Antaresia: children & spotted, breeder of pythons

Antaresia.Com is a privetly owned website dedicated to the propagation of the antaresia snake species. These are perfect in my opinion pet snakes - small, tame, easy to keep and charming, a perfect combination for a great snake friend! I encourage captive breeding of these snakes. Every snake born in captivity is one less snake taken form the wild. I hope you will support captive breeding of snakes for their protection in their natural habitat! I am currently located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Ball Pythons
Ball Python World

Ball Python World is a dedicated Ball Python Breeder committed to promoting quality care for Ball Pythons purchased as pets, for collections, or as breeders. The goal of Ball Python World is to provide owners and future owners of Ball Pythons with information about every aspect of keeping Ball Pythons they could want. If there is any information you would like that is not found here on Ball Python World, please email us and let us know and we will find it for you and add it to the site.

Henry Piorun Reptiles

Markus Jayne, Ball pythons - Peterborough, ON

Welcome to Markus Jayne Ball Pythons! For those of you that visit often, you've probably noticed that we have made some changes. And for those that are first time visitors ...a very hearty welcome!

Pastel Dream

Welcome to, Kelvin & Brigitte. We are very pleased that you stopped by to visit us. We specialize in investment quality ball pythons morphs and will be producing some outstanding designer morphs in the years to come. Our goal here is to provide you with the best information and the most elite snakes available on the market today.


Rose City Reptiles

Welcome to my new site. I will be offering beautiful investor quality ball python morphs. I am building my collection up. In the near future I will be offering : Pastels Super Pastels Albinos & Normals

Royal Gem Reptiles - New Brunswick

Welcome to Royal Gem Reptiles!
We work exclusively with quality Ball Python stock: The Gem of Reptiles!
Royal Gem Reptiles is just starting to work with the reptile-keeping community and there is much in store for the future! For quality investement Ball Pythons, look no further!

Royal Reptiles - North Bay, Ontario

At Royal Reptiles we strive to breed and sell stock that is well established, actively feeding, and in perfect health. We want our customers' experience with us to be nothing short of fantastic, whether they be veteran herpers or first-timers looking for the perfect pet.


We started out with a singular pursuit; to breed the elusive Snowball. This is how we came up with our name, Snowballs Ball Pythons. This morph is the product of combining the Axanthic and Albino (T-) genes. By possessing 2 simple recessive genes in their homozygous form at the same time (taking out the "black" and the "yellow" pigments) the end result is the Snow Ball Python.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made the 2005 season as successful as it was for us here at Strictlyballs. Thanks to our successes we were able to acquire some beautiful animals and we hope to produce some new and exciting pattern and colour morphs this coming season to add to our existing collection. With the breeding season well under way, we are very excited and optimistic for what the 2006 season has in store.

Bearded Dragons
Capital - Ontario

Exclusive Dragons - Southern Ontario

At Exclusive Dragons we pride ourselves on quality bred Bearded Dragons. We exclusively work with and breed Bearded Dragons. We are a family run Bearded Dragon Breeder located in Southern Ontario, Canada. We strive to provide the best Dragons.

ICU - Toronto, Ontario

ICULIZARD has been breeding bearded dragons since 1997 and has become Canada's leading producer of stunning colour morph dragons.
Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we have over forty breeders from the finest bloodlines available.

Lizard Crazy Reptiles - Edson,Alberta

Welcome to the Lizard Crazy Reptiles website! We are a small private breeder focused on breeding and keeping many different morphs and varieties of Bearded Dragons.

Lizard Woman - Calgary, Alberta

Who is the Lizard Woman? I am an in-home breeder of bearded dragons, out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada (403) 238-3790. I have loved and been interested in reptiles and amphibians for 20 years. At a very young age I started studying every bit of information that I could acquire on reptiles and amphibians, and started to build my personal collection of them.

Randall's Reptiles - Waterloo, Ontario

We are a small family owned and operated business located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. we specialize in breeding inland Bearded Dragons ( pogona vitticeps). We have a very diverse stock that has come from all over North America with some of the highest quailty bloodlines available. This also includes all the breeding stock of Mosaic Dragons. please check back often, the site changes on the regular basis and feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.

Simply - Ottawa, ON

Simply Dragons is a small registered home based business. Our goal is to provide healthy, hand raised, colour morph bearded dragons to both the beginner and experienced reptile owner. My fascination with reptiles began at a young age....much to my mother's dismay! I would bring home various "finds" from the lake and bushes around our property and keep them in pails and shoe boxes while I studied them. Throughout the years I have owned a variety of pets including dogs, cats, a rabbit, a seagull, a salamander, anoles, iguanas and of course bearded dragons.

The Bearded Dragon Breeders and Suppliers Network

Bearded Dragon Breeders Database for Canada and USA

Breeder Groups
DNA's Captive Bred Reptiles - BC

RegiusCo - Michael Perry & Marc Bouchard

RegiusCo, was forged out of a friendship between Michael Perry (Hiss and Hers Pythons) and Marc Bouchard (Selectively Bred Serpents), sharing a common passion for keeping reptiles and combining over 30 years of herpetocultural experience. We pride ourselves in working with investment quality ball python morphs (python regius) as well as a small but select group of BCI boa morphs (boa constrictor imperator), this includes other rare localities of boa constrictor such as BCA (boa constrictor amarali) & BCL (boa constrictor longicauda).

Chameleons - Montreal

We are a small chameleon breeding business established in Montreal, Quebec. We are dedicated to the well being of our chameleons and to the satisfaction of our customers. We pride ourselves in breeding only pure phases of chameleons. (including Panther chameleon)

Chameleons - Edmonton

We at Chameleons World offer you the best we can in Reptile selection bred right here in Edmonton Alberta. We research every reptile bred and cared for by us thourwly and try our best to maintain a somewhat “natural" environment for our surrogate children. Our Reptiles are not just breeders, they are family.

Kammerflage Kreations - Corona, CA

February 22, 2003 we became "full time" chameleon breeders and now devote 100% of our efforts to producing healthy, beautiful, captive bred chameleons. We couldn't be happier . . . working together and doing exactly what we LOVE!

Panther Chameleons - Hamilton, Ontario

This website is for all those interested in the husbandry of chameleons. I am an avid chameleon hobbyist and breeder of Panther Chameleons. I am located out of Hamilton, Ontario Canada and will ship across Canada. For general care information or if you are interested in purchasing a panther chameleon please enter the site for more information.

Vision Chameleon

Welcome to my new website. We should have all the features up soon. Got pictures for me to put up e-mail me, I hope you enjoy our new and improved site. Enjoy your stay and come back again

Alberta Corn Snakes

Raising and Breeding Quality Corn Snakes Alberta Corn Snakes is operated by Matt Kennedy and Kylie Malcomson and we are located in Red Deer, Alberta. We are rapidly expanding our collection and we are very selective in choosing our breeders in an attempt to offer the highest quality corn snakes, for the most reasonable price.



Welcome to HanneysCorns. We are Jeff and Ruth Hanney and our love of cornsnakes began in the fall of 2002. In February of 2003 we became owners of Rocky, a hatchling normal corn, purchased from a vendor at the PCPC reptile expo in Mississauga, Ontario. As one who had never 'appreciated' any beauty in a 'snake', I became fascinated and enthralled with the beautiful morphs that were available in corns. Just three years later, and we now have a collection of over 80 corns in all morphs and patterns and consider ourselves 'hopelessly addicted'.

High Water - Rockland, Ontario

Our number one goal is to produce quality Milksnakes and select Colubrids My name is Brian and I am originally from Newfoundland, Canada, but now living in Ontario, Canada. My love for snakes came as a surprise to me just a few short years ago while looking at a Pueblan Milksnake in a pet store. I was intrigued by the shiny colors and majestic movements of this animal. My wife, Andrea, did not share the same view when I first came home with it. As time went by, she warmed up to this little girl that seemed interested in my every movement and seemed to watch me wherever I was in the room. - Brantford, ON

Hognose snakes have long been popular snakes to keep as pets due to their small size and excellent personability. We specialize in captive bred Western Hognose Snakes (Heterodon nasicus). We are currently working on a number of projects, including multiple bloodlines of red albinos and pink pastel albinos.

Selectively Bred Serpents

We would like to thank you for your interest in the reptiles propagated here at Selectively Bred Serpents. For over 10 years we purposely remained focused on a limited number of selective breeding projects, having selected species with excellent keeping qualities and outstanding long-term commercial breeding possibilities.

Alberta Bred Geckos

Amazing Reptiles

Welcome to Amazing Reptiles! I am a breeder of quality reptiles, and have been keeping reptiles for the past three years and have been a serious collector and breeder for the past year.

Big Rock Reptiles - Alberta

About Us: Welcome to the new Big Rock Reptiles website. In anticipation for the upcoming breeding season we have given our website a complete makeover. For those of you already familiar with us you should be very pleased to see that we have increased our number of high quality breeders this year and all of our geckos will be backed by the same great customer support that we have always wanted to provide. We have bloodlines from such breeders as The Urban Gecko, Capital City Geckos, and The Gecko Corral

Canadian Coldblood

We at Canadian Coldblood do this for a hobby, but our friends and relatives seem to think its more of an obsessive addiction. We strive to produce the healthiest and most attractive animals possible and only sell what we cannot keep ourselves.

Capital City - Ottawa

dedicated to producing the healthiest and best colored leopard geckos around. All of the animals that we sell and own are raised with the highest quality care. We are currently working with some of the best tangerine and albino bloodlines, Tremper and Bell, specifically bloodlines from A&M Geckos ,The Urban Gecko and

Crested Geckos

Welcome to Crested Gecko Canada. The home of some of the most vibrant and red Crested Geckos in the country! My name is David Sheridan. Firstly, I would like to thank you for stopping by to view my new Web site.

Gecko Brothel - Ontario, Canada

It's official! I am now doing the gecko business full time and wow, do I have my hands full. I have over 40 well established juvie cresties waiting to be placed in great homes. So, if you are in need of a certain morph, please contact me and I will see what is available or what will be available. We should be updating the available page shortly, however, my photographer (son Ryan) is sick so I will have to wait.

Geckos Are Fun .com

IT'S HERE!!! A whole gallery filled with free gecko images from our very own collection! Geckos Are Fun is dedicated to promoting geckos and reptiles as pets. We have provided a profiles section, where you can peruse information and pictures of the various species of geckos in captivity. We feel this very popular section is a valuable tool when researching new species.

Welcome to It is our mission to supply you with strong, healthy, gorgeous geckos and pythons from our superior collection of reptiles. We have been keeping and breeding geckos since 1995. I still have my very first Leopard Gecko (Spot), I purchased when I was 14. He's been a consistent, successful breeder for us for the last 10 years, and he's still going strong! Our collection has since grown to include such morphs as Super Hypo Tangerines, Red Stripes, and Sunglows.

Mountain Geckos

Hi there, and welcome to our website dedicated to our passion of collecting and breeding reptiles. Our names are Beth and Kevan Wallbank and have for many years had a love for the animal world, with myself boxing and keeping everything that moved hidden under my bed for safe keeping.

Painted Desert Geckos

Painted Desert Geckos is a small gecko breeding facility located in scenic Bracebridge, Ontario Canada. May of 2006 finds me planning once again to attend the Hamm, Germany reptile show in September. The opportunity to import alternate bloodlines, and pick up some rare new projects is always at the top of my agenda. July 2006 will find me at the F.I.R.E. show in Orlando, Florida. In between attending shows, I have started into a Biology course at the University of Guelph, fitting in any zoology courses as they become available. Life certainly is anything but boring.

Reptile Kings

We are a leopard gecko breeder specializing in our remarkable Super Hypo Tangerine, Sunglow, Tangerine Albino and Snow leopard geckos. We are located in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada and have been raising leopard geckos for 8 years now, and absolutely love it!

Saltwater Reptiles - St. John's, Newfoundland

We are currently working with some of the most desirable geckos on the market, Amel African Fat Tails, Jungle Giant Albino Leopard Geckos, Super Hypo Tangerine Leopard Geckos as well as Bell Albino and Bell Hybino Leopard Geckos.


It pleases us to welcome you on Superior Geckos. We are a family company specialized in breeding geckos of higher quality, while ensuring an excellent service before and after sale. We’ve been breeding geckos since 1998 and are always in the search of specimens which show special colors. All that to offer our clients geckos with unique features. Examples are Super HypoTangerine CarotTail, Tangerine Albinos, Patternless, Blizzard, Banana Blizzard, Sunglow, etc...

The Basking Spot Reptiles - New Brunswick

The Dark Scale Collection

This is an introduction to our collection, both personal interest and future breeding projects. The reptiles shown are NOT for sale, except in the Available section. Please note that all content and images are copyright protected and cannot be copied or reproduced without permission. Please select from the menu above to browse our collection.

The Leopard Gecko - Murray Roberts

The Reptile Room

Hello and welcome to The Reptile Room a home based Buissness specializing in African Fat-tailed Geckos, and Corn Snakes, located in the south end of Barrie, Ontario. Unfortunatly this site is still under construction.

Up North Exotics

Up North Exotics is a small home based business located in Midland Ontario. We specialize in the breeding of Designer Leopard geckos and African fat tailed geckos. Although Up North Exotics is new to the business world we have many years experience in reptile husbandry.

West Coast Reptiles

Welcome to WestCoast Reptiles. At Westcoast Reptiles we strive to provide the best quality Rhacodactylus geckos.We are also glad to announce that in collaboration with Doug Healey we will be offering quality geckos in the coming future. Please contact us with any questions you have.

Arboreals Etc.

Welcome to Arboreals Etc... Here you will find the quality animals worthy of adding to your private collections. We produce some of the finest Rhacodactylus geckos, Invertebrates, Boa & Ball Python morphs, along with Blood Pythons & Reticulated Pythons in the industry. With more then 15 years experience you can count on us for lifetime support with any help or information you will ever need.

Arcadia Reptiles - Newfoundland

Here at Arcadia Reptiles, located in St-Johns, Newfoundland, we hope to produce not only aesthetically beautifull snakes, but also ones with a great disposition. We care about our animals and about yours and all of are animals are not only breeders but pets as well.

Cranwill's Captive Bred Snakes

My aim is to produce healthy, captive bred snakes and to provide great customer service. All of the snakes that I sell are guaranteed to be healthy, eating, parasite free and properly sexed. I love being a part of this hobby and community. I hope that by breeding snakes I can help others to enjoy these fascinating and beautiful animals too. I am always willing to help out with any questions you might have. If I don't have the specific animal you're looking for, chances are I know someone who does. Feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you in the future!

DNA Captive Bred Reptiles

We are Canadian breeders of select boids, pythons and colubrids. We strive to produce good healthy, top quality animals which are within the reach of the average "herper" and our prices try to reflect the same.

Darwin's Oasis

Corn snakes will be available early May...lots of morphs to choose from. Red Eye Tree frogs are available,up to six months out of the water eating well. Leopard Geckos will soon be available, please enquire about morphs. Adult and Sub Adult Leopard Geckos AVAILABLE on our gecko surplus page.

Eric's Reptiles

Welcome to Eric's Reptiles Updated Sept 1/06 Based in Okotoks Alberta, our family has decided to make our love of reptiles into a (small but growing ) breeding program and will be offering nothing but the best possible animals. We hope to share with you the enjoyment we get from caring for these great animals. Currently we are working with Brazilian Rainbow Boas, Ball/Royal Pythons, Corn Snake and California King Snake. Also now caring for Crested Gecko's.

Henry Piorun Reptiles, Mission, BC Canada

Jeff Favelle Reptiles - Sideny, BC

Jon Martin Reptiles

Welcome to the Jon Martin Reptiles' new web site layout. I aim to provide you not only with quality captive-bred animals, but with some excellent references to reptile knowledge as well. I am also offering my web design services and to those interested you may click here. Located in London, Ontario I work with select colubrids and boids

Manitoban Reptiles

Welcome to Manitoban Reptiles, my name is Kevin McRae and am located in Teulon, Manitoba Canada. We are working with many species of herps, to see what species were working with visit the collection page If you have any questions about our website or the animals, please visit the contact page and send me an email, and I will get back to you a soon as possible.

Niagara Reptiles

Over the years I've cared for several species of snakes, lizards, geckos, turtles, tortoises, crocodilians and amphibians. I have also been fortunate to have experienced many captive breedings among the species in my care as well......

Northern Exotics - Dennis Epp

Northern Exotics is a small home based business with a lifetime worth of experience working with exotic animals. Although the name Northern Exotics is new, we have been supplying pet shops, breeders and the public for many years as well as selling at reptile shows and exotic auctions. Previously we sold under my personal name, Dennis Epp, but with the move to the internet we have decided to give a new name: Northern Exotics.

Northern Starlight Reptiles

We are located in Alberta, Canada and are fairly new to the reptile world. We grew up with the "regular" version of pets. But have to say this exotic friends are no less interessting and fascinating. They sure are just as addictive as our Miniature Horses or Pomeranians;-

Royal Reptiles

At Royal Reptiles we strive to breed and sell stock that is well established, actively feeding, and in perfect health. We want our customers' experience with us to be nothing short of fantastic, whether they be veteran herpers or first-timers looking for the perfect pet.

SHP Reptiles - BC

Capive bred boas, pythons and Select Colubrids
For 2007 I will have pythons,boas,colubrids and a few surprises. I also have a number of projects lind up

Saskatchewan Exotics

Saskatchewan Exotics is a Saskatchewan based reptile syndicate. We offer different genealogies of reptiles as well as specialized care information, and diet. Our main goal is to provide community awareness and to produce a resourceful way for other people in this province to obtain and care for reptiles appropriately.

Serpent Valley

Based out of St Andrews West Ontario, we are about 1 hour from Canada's Capital. 2006 was our first season breeding and it went extremely well. Our collection has grown dramatically and we have gotten some special morphs. We will be the first in the area to the best of my knowledge with Lavenders, Butters, Bloodreds and maybe even Amel Bloods.

Ultimate Reptiles


Wrapped up In Reptiles

It's been 18 years since my first corn snake and my first job. I have been breeding mainly snakes and geckos for about 15 of those years and working as a vet tech for about the same. (See dystocia surgery) My collection has gone from a 29-reptile hobby to a 500 snake breeding business.

Other Lizards
Uro-Addict : "dragons really do exist."

Hello! My name is Rhonda Causton. My husband "Paul" & I have been specializing in the captive care and propagation of spiny tailed agamas also known as Uromastyx for the past six years. Sadly, there is a great deal of stress on the wild populations which are continuing to be exploited for the pet trade. Unfortunately, wild caught imports are difficult to acclimate and often arrive to their destinations in very poor health.The statistics are staggering!

Pythons & Boas - Vancouver

Breeding cycle of Children's python (Antaresia childreni): Pictoral introduction to the breeding cycle of antaresia pythons - based on example of Children's python Antaresia pythons - Simpsons, Anthill, Children's and Spotted pythons information - these Australian snakes are the smallest pythons in the world Dumeril's boa - information about these beautiful boids from Madagascar Irian Jaya carpet python - Kenyan sand boa - Eryx colubrinus loveridgei information about these small, friendly and super easy to keep boids Blood python - Python curtus brongersmai - beautiful snakes for those who want to have a giant snake in a medium size body - information


Captive Bred Pythons. Balls and Other

Canadian Constrictors

Canadian Constrictors is a reptile breeding facility dedicated to the captive breeding of boas and pythons. We have been involved in the reptile industry for a long time now and we strive to achieve a very high level of customer satisfaction. All the animals featured for sale have been produced here at our facility unless otherwise stated. The promise to our customers is that all our animals are properly and honestly represented.

Constable Reptiles - Ontario, Canada

We specialize in Boas and Pythons, all of which have been purchased from select breeders across North America. We take pride in offering only high quality, healthy, well established captive bred animals. All our animals are treated as individuals, therefore receiving the utmost care they deserve. All adults and offspring have their own care sheet available.

DNA Captive Bred Reptiles

We are Canadian breeders of select boids, pythons and colubrids. We strive to produce good healthy, top quality animals which are within the reach of the average "herper" and our prices try to reflect the same.

Don Patterson Pythons and Boas - Sidney, BC

Breeder of the following :- Ball Pythons Ball Morphs Including Spiders and Mojaves Pythons -Angolan, Western Blackhead, Boelen's, Bredl's, Diamond, Lime GTP, High Yellow GTP, Granite Irian Jaya, Jaguar Carpet, Jungle Carpet, Pygmy, Woma Boas -Brazillian Rainbow, Emerald Tree Heloderma Reticulated Gila - Carpet Pythons - Mardy and Josee McManus

From Canada to the world, breeders of exceptional carpet pythons, and yellow foot tortoises. Having now bred over 45 species of rare and common animals.


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