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Species page for: Angulate Tortoise (Chersina angulata)


This page contains a selection of the best links found on the reptile species: Angulate Tortoise (Chersina angulata). The navigation table on the top left will take you directly to the defined topics, such as  Natural Habitat, Captive care, Breeders, Pictures, More information, Other information and Taxonomy.

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A brief snippet about Angulate Tortoise (Chersina angulata)

A brief introduction to the species will be inserted here ..... coming soon! In the interim we have a number of links on the species, listed on this page.


Natural Habitat
Environment of Dassen Island

Reptiles Five reptile species have been reported in recent years (see Appendix 3). Three of these, the Angulate Tortoise Chersina angulata, Gronovis Dwarf Burrowing Skink Scelotes gronovi and the Marbled Leaf-toed Gecko Phyllodactus porphyreus, are presently common, although the dwarf burrowing skink is included in the South African Red Data Book for Reptiles and Amphibians due to its restricted distribution (Branch 1988).

SCARCE - Angulate tortoise

Chersina angulata
Size This is a medium-sized tortoise species in which males grow larger than females. Adult males grow to approximately 270 mm in carapace length, 110 mm in shell height and may reach a mass of just over 2 kg. Adult females may reach 215 mm in carapace length, a shell height of just under 100 mm and could weigh up to 1.8 kg. Exceptionally large angulate tortoises of up to 300 mm may be encountered, but interestingly, cannot always be sexed accurately.

Captive Care
Chersina angulata (Angulate Tortoise) Care Misty Corton

Angulate Tortoise (Chersina angulata) hatchling.

Cape Angulate Tortoise (Chersina angulata)

More Info.
Rare Two-Headed Tortoise Found in South Africa

Dr Ernst Baard, manager of scientific services of Cape Nature Conservation, an expert on South African tortoises, said that the phenomenon of two heads is extremely rare. To his knowledge, it is only the second reported case of its kind in South Africa in over 20 years. The other one was discovered in the early 1980s.

Shaping up to fight

Journal of Zoology
The angulate tortoise Chersina angulata is unique among South African tortoises in having a single unpaired gular (extension of the ventral plastron) that is used to ram and overturn rival conspecifics. This behaviour has earned it the reputation of a 'fighting tortoise', and in this paper we test the hypothesis that the morphology of this tortoise is a result of intrasexual selection.


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