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Species page for: Leaf Tailed Geckos(Uroplatus ssp.)


This page contains a selection of the best links found on the reptile species: Leaf Tailed Geckos(Uroplatus ssp.). The navigation table on the top left will take you directly to the defined topics, such as  Natural Habitat, Captive care, Breeders, Pictures, More information, Other information and Taxonomy.

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A brief snippet about Leaf - Tailed Gecko or Flat-tailed Geckos

A brief introduction to the species will be inserted here ..... coming soon! In the interim we have a number of links on the species, listed on this page.


Captive Care
Fantastic, Eyelash, or Satanic Leaftail Gecko

Mike Martin
Uroplatus phantasticus
Fantastic, Eyelash, or Satanic Leaftail Gecko
From Reptile World Order Forum

Henkel's Leaf-Tail Gecko (Uroplatus henkeli) - NSHS

HENKEL'S LEAF-TAIL GECKO is the most commonly kept and bred member of the Malagasy leaf-tail group (Uroplatuss pp.). They are native to the humid forests of Eastern and Northern Madagascar. Being the second largest Leaf-tail, adults can reach between 9 and 10 inches (23-25 cm) in total length. In common with someother large Leaf-tails such as U. fimbriatus and U.sikorae, they mimic tree bark, having a flattened tail and cryptic colouration to help them blend in with their surroundings.

Introduction to Henkel's Leaftail Geckos - by Silas Swaim

As one of the most bizarre creatures of the Madagascar forest, the Uroplatus henkeli, is probably the hardiest of its genus. This animal reaches overall lengths of around 11 inches and can be considered as the chameleons of geckos. It is able to change its colors and patterns to blend in with the barks and leaves it is around. It has a large, flat tail shaped like a leaf, hence the name "Leaf Tail Gecko"

Leaf-tail Care sheets

Madagascar Leaf Tailed Geckos(Uroplatus ssp.)-wnyherp

There are currently six species of leaf tailed geckos that are seen fairly regularly in the pet trade. They are Giant Leaf Tailed Gecko (Uroplatus fimbriatus), Fringed or Henkel's Leaf Tailed Gecko (U. henkeli), Mossy Leaf Tailed Gecko (U. sikorae), Lined or Lineated Leaf Tailed Gecko (U. lineatus), Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko (U. phantasticus) and Spear Point or Eban's Leaf Tailed Gecko (U. ebanaui). Other species are rarely seen in captivity

Mossy Leaftail Gecko (Uroplatus sikorae) by Robert Gundy

Satanic Leaf-tailed (Uroplatus phantasticus) - Geckosunlimited

The Colorado Herpetological Society

After seeing any Uroplatus, few reptile enthusiasts will disagree that this genus contains some of the most bizarre reptile species on Earth. Few geckophiles can resist these magnificent animals, and such the popularity of these strange flat-tailed Madagascar reptiles is on the rise.

Uroplatus Phantasticus Care Sheet -

Breeders & Retailers
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Canada Australia South Africa UK USA

I am a keeper and breeder of high quality crested geckos, henkeli leaf-tail geckos, guentheri leaf-tail geckos, linned leaf-tail geckos, Spearpoint leaf-tail geckos, Phantasticus leaf-tail geckos, mossy leaf-tail geckos, corkbark leaf-tail geckos, ball pythons, veiled chameleons, panther chameleons, and a lot of other species.


The epitome of camouflage: Uroplatus fimbriatus, the giant leaftail gecko, resting by day on Nosy Mangabe. This is the first specimen I ever found in the wild, and it's still my most scenic image of one. A 5-pic collage of giant leaftail geckos all photographed on Nosy Mangabe at night. Resembling an alien visitor to Earth, this satanic leaftail gecko Uroplatus phantasticus epitomizes the 'other worldliness' of Madagascar's unique reptilian life. This pair of satanic leaftails demonstrates the sexual dimorphism I've seen many times in this and related species. A 6-pic collage of some lesser-known types of leaftail geckos, genus Uroplatus. This is a very rare species of leaftail gecko - Uroplatus alluaudi - from extreme northern Madagascar. Click the thumbnail to see its tiny 'horns'. The new 'spiny' leaftail gecko Uroplatus pietschmanni described in 2004; click to see its unusual resting position in an inset pic.

Uroplatus geckos of Madagascar at Glades Herp

These exciting, nocturnal geckos of Madagascar's primary forests are one of the most bizarre animals on earth. They are very cryptic-looking often totally camouflaged in their natural habitats. The local, native Malagasy people refer to these animals as "taha-fisaka" or devils. While they may look evil, these geckos are totally harmless. With the exception of the largest gecko of the genus, U. fimbriatus, they have small teeth and weak jaws and can not inflict a serious bite.

More Info.
Blue - U.fimbriatus - U. lineatus

When I saw my first wild Uroplatus at the island of Nosy Mangabe, Madagascar, I was amazed, and have been ever since..........

Henkel's Leaf-tailed Gecko - Who Zoo

The Henkel's Leaf-tailed Gecko is one of the most unique Geckos in the entire genus. The geneus contains 9 species: U. henkeli, U. malahelo, U. lineatus, U. sikorae, U. fimbriatus, U. alluaudi, U. guentheri, U. ebenaui, U. phantasticus. The species of Uroplatus are not endangered, but due to the cutting down of the rain forest many of the species are found in undisturbed parts of Madagascar.

Leaf Tail Geckos (Genus: Uroplatus) ; Care and info on genus

LEAF TAIL GECKOS Uroplatus species Origin: mainland Madagascar and surrounding islands. Family: Gekkonidae The leaf-tailed gecko family has nine members ranging in size from 30cm to 8cm. This cryptic gecko has excellent camouflage skills making it “blend” in to its natural environment of the rainforests of Madagascar. The species: Common leaf-tailed geckos Uroplatus fimbriatus Henkles leaf-tailed geckos Uroplatus henkeli Mossy leaf-tailed geckos Uroplatus sikorae Lined leaf-tailed gecko Uroplatus lineatus Satanic leaf-tailed geckos (American name) Uroplatus phantasticus Nosey be leaf-tailed gecko Uroplatus ebenaui


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