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Last updated : 08 October 2007

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An International reptile portal.

Covering reptile pets, their care, natural habitat, threats, breeders and retailers, as well as other similar exotic pets which are presented by species and for each country, such as Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, USA and South Africa, just to mention the major ones we have covered to date.

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This index contains all topics that have been added or amended to this Reptile Portal to date. All topics, are arranged in the same order as they appear in the Reptilepets web site. Any topic can be viewed by clicking the linked text in the "Detail" column.

This page is currently being redesigned and individual links are being replaced by a sub index on the subject, making this page a lot easier to read and use. With over 4500 links being listed in total, one will appreciate that this a quite an index.

In the interim and just to help, here are some of the more popular headings on this page which will take you straight to the relevant section you are interested in:

5. Info. for students & teachers

In this sections we specifically cover information that will be of interest to students, kids and teachers, and which will assist with school projects on reptiles, snakes being the most popular especially the King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah)

8. Links - Species Specific

This section is indexed by the species of reptile. So if you are looking for information on the natural habitat, Captive care (care sheets), Breeders, Pictures, More information, Other information and Taxonomy, relating to your reptile of interest, then this is the section.

9. Links - Country Specific

This section is indexed by Country and has links to reptile breeders, pet shops, accessory suppliers, wholesales, rescue and protection, clubs, Herp. Associations, specialist vets etc within the specified country. To date we have dealt with Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, USA and South Africa in detail.

40. Venomous Snakes - Info

In this section we cover venomous snakes in general, i.e. not relative to a specific species. Subject matter includes medical files on bites, general handling of venomous snakes etc.

40. Venomous Snakes- Species

This section is indexed by the Venomous Snake species. So if you are looking for information on the natural habitat, Captive care (care sheets), Breeders, Pictures, More information, Other information, Taxonomy or information relating to the bite from a venomous snake, then this is the section.


Site Map - Complete

Aspect Section Detail

0. Index & about this site 1. Overview 1. Overview: Index & about this site
Our Thanks go to:-
Site Statistics

2. Update History - this year - 2007 Index of updates for 2007

3. Update History - Prior periods - 2006 Index of updates for 2006

1. About us and contacts 1. Contact details 1. Our contact details

2. Mission Statement, background & terms Background
Mission statement
Our standards and ethics
Trading terms and conditions

3. References & Certificates Qualifications & Courses
Quarantine Registration Certificate

4. Services we provide Our on site facilities
Purchase and sale of reptiles
Quarantine Facilities
Reptile brokering service.
Reptile portal - fastest growing reptile portal
Reptile website promotion
Sourcing and distribution of accessories
This Web site - Advertising on
This Web site and future plans

2. Available Stock - imported 0. Overview 1. Various categories of Available Stock
2. Wholesale prices
3. Available on special request
4. How to order

1. List of potential imports All Spieces

2. Availability of Imported stock 1. Currently Available Imported stock
2. Available shortly
3. Next Import

2. Available Stock - local 1. Introduction 1. What stock is listed in this section?

Exotic snakes for sale Boa snakes for sale -current posts (0 current, 2 historic)
Colubrid snakes for sale -current posts (3 current , 5 historic)
Python snakes for sale -current posts ( 1 current, 2 historic)

Indigenious for sale Indigenious Venomous (1 items)

Lizards, Gecko, & Other for sale Geckos for sale (1 Current, O history)

Your local area classifieds International Pet Reptile Classifieds

3. Accessories & Supplies 1. Introduction Overview of Accessories & Supplies

2. Available from us Summarry of accessories sold by Reptilia Traders cc

3. Our Classifieds section : Accessories 1. Overview for Accessory & Supplies Classifieds

5. Accessories - International Suppliers Index to: Reptile Accessories - International Suppliers

About - Consumables Disinfectants and Cleaning - Melissa Kaplan

About - Electrical controls & equipment Heating pads and tapes

About - Enclosures and displays Clay Davenport - Captive Bred Reptiles (some good detail & tips)

About - Funiture and substrate Reptile

Free Software (PC) : House Keeping etc. Degei Husbandry Database. - free trail version
Measure your snake digitally : Snake Measurer
Mick's Cornsnake Progeny Predictor
Opera Browser (The faster way to browse the www)
PIXresizer - Free Image Resizer (well rated 2.2Mb)
Various applications- Listed by Northern Reptiles, UK

4. Information & care sheets 1. Reptile Publications & Magazines Bibliomania - Herpetological Literature
Reptile Care Magazine
Reptiles Magazine
Reptilia : The European Herp magazine

Books & CD's about reptiles 0. About our book listings & where to find them.
1. Our list of reptile books from
2. Our list of reptile books from
3. Exclusive books - books by Chris Mattison
About - download free books
EMBL Reptile Database - books list
Eagle Mountain Publishing - order online
Snakes of India
Ultimate Field Guide of Southern African Snakes
Vida Preciosa International, Inc. - order online

Care Sheets 1. Care sheets for pet reptiles: Overview
2. Index to care sheets by reptile species
3. Links to Care Sheet providers- snakes
4. Care of SA indigenous Non-venomous Snakes
5. Reptile Expert - Buying, Owning & Caring for reptiles
Canadian Council on Animal Care (good overview)
Care of Snakes from Academic Health Center
Pet Club - care sheets and artciles
Reptile Information Database
WorldWide Snakes - Good information site
zz. Climatic Data from around the World

Getting started - for the beginner Index to : Getting started - for the beginner

Health Issues Index to : Health Issues relating to reptiles

Housing and House Keeping Herp Habitats - a forum for habitat DIY'ers
How To Build Outdoor Cages For Lizards
Pond Care and Construction - a few notes from Koi Keepers
Snakes - General Hints and Tricks -
Super Snakes - Important Snake-Keeping Tips
Unraveling the mysteries of UV lighting.

Microchips and snakes Captive Wildlife Workshop Announcement
Passive Integrated Transponders
Rules put squeeze on snake owners - FL

Rescue, Removal & Protection Reptile rescue & removal - Australia
Reptile rescue & removal - Canada
Reptile rescue & removal - South Africa
Reptile rescue & removal - UK
Reptile rescue & removal - USA

Specialist Reptile Vets Index to Specialist Reptile Vets

Specialist Reptile Vets on line Association of Reptilian & Amphibian Veterinarians
Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital
Exotic Pet
Herp Vet Connection - links and articles (Drs Foster and Smith)
Provet Reptile House
Repticare Services
Sharon Redrobe BSc(Hons) BVetMed CertZooMed MRCVS
Talk to the - Reptile Articles

Terms, definitions & names Common Names / Scientific Names - Reptile House
Genetic terminology - NERD definititions
Glossary of Reptile terms on
Indigenous, Alien and Invasives
Smooth Scales and Keeled Scales
White Sands Reptiles - Simple Genetics

Tips on Breeding Snakes Index to: Tips on Breeding Snakes

Veterinary Clinical Pathology - articles Gastric Lavage From a Madagascar Tree Boa (pdf 180Kb)

5. Info. for students & teachers Go to Mini Menu Funny stuff Life Is Confusing For Two-Headed Snakes
NERD's - You might be a Herper if....

Large specimens, large meals African Rock Python & Large Impala
African Rock Python Crushing a Gazelle
Captive Reticulated Python is fed a large dead pig
Scrub Python tackles a Kangaroo

Not so Funny stuff Man escapes python's jaws
Man-Eating Reptiles
Retic eats Man??
Russian Roulette - Little Boy - Big Python
Thirteen Foot Burmese Python Kills Owner

Pet of the month 98 Madagascan Ground Boa (Acrantophis madagascariensis)
99 Rocky - African Rock Monitor

Picture Galleries Index to : Reptile Picture Galleries

Reptile Movie Clips Brave Rabbit Vs Snake - Rabbit wins -
Egg Eater at
Jungle -video/Reptile-movies
Our Reptile Video Clips - Available ex Google

Reptile Quiz - how much do u know? -reptiles & amphibian quizes

Student Homework Index to : Websites for teachers & Kids

Student Websites Study of Northern Virginia Ecology
Surfing the Net with Kids: Guide to best websites

Unusual Snakes and Reptiles 'Chameleon' snake can turn white in minutes
A Snake that tears apart its prey.
Albino Canebrake Rattlesnake -
Bimini Boa, (Epicrates striatus fosteri) - Vermont Herpetology
Cave rat snake (Elaphe taeniura ridleyi)
Henry - posing lizard photo's
Rare Two-Headed Tortoise Found in South Africa
Tatura (sp. Sphenodon ) from New Zealand
The Flying Snake (Chrysopelea paradisi)

Websites for teachers & Kids Index to : Websites for teachers & Kids

6. Notice Boards & Forums 0. Overview 1. Our intentions in this section

1. We are looking for We are looking for the following

2. News & Information Our News - Current
Our News - Year: 2006
'Extremely venomous' snakes posted to SA
70kg python that ate 11 dogs captured - New Straits Times
Florida tightens rules for owning non-native reptiles ( Jan. 07)
Reptile Related News
Roti Island Snake-necked Turtles become all but extinct
ScienceDaily - news about snakes or reptiles
Snake with the ability to change its colour (BBC)
Snakebite victims getting wrong first aid - November 20, 2006
Virgin birth expected for Komodo dragon in UK zoo

9. South African Reptile Forums 1. (Sell & Buy Forum)
2. (Forum)
SA Reptiles (Posts 305k Members 640)

10. International Reptile Forums Aussie Reptile
Captive Bred (Posts 52k Members 1.3 K) (Posts: 383k Members: 34k)
Field Herp - global conversation
Ghetto - a new general interest forum
Herp Center Network (Posts: 92k Members: 3k)
Herp (Posts: 13k Members: 1k) - Reptile & Amphibians Forum
Live Food UK - General Reptile Forum (v. good) (Posts: 43k Members: 6.4k) (Posts: 303k Members: 9k)
Reptile Forums (Posts: 230k Members: 14k)
Reptile - UK
Reptile - USA
Tree Boa Forum

11. Venomous Forums
Venom List Forum
Venomdoc Forums -venom, herps, legal & more

12. Species specific reptile forums Species specific reptile forums
Albino - Forums (& Other Species)
Chondro Forum - Green Tree Pythons ( Posts: 237K Members: 8K)
Craving Carpets (devoted to Carpet Pythons)
Morelia - a Forum for Day Geko lovers
Ratsnake Foundation
Red Tail
Shelled - Tortoise forum
The Albigularis Site - (Monitor Lizards)

7. Gov Authorities & Legal issues Authorities - International Cites Organisation

Gov Authorities & Legal issues Australia
South Africa

8. Links - General Go to Mini Menu About Our Friends and Tools on the WWW AutoStart - Your key to the Automotive Scene
Cape Town - Directory, pictures, weather, news @ "My Cape Town"
Directory of pets in South Africa
Helicam : Remote helicopter photography
How to search for reptiles on the Internet effectively
Promoting Your Web Site
SA Search Indexes and Directories

Genetics & other Advanced Genetics Wizard
Craig's Quick and Dirty Guide to Basic Genetics
Mick's Cornsnake Progeny Predictor
Reptile Genetics - NERD
Reptiles and Amphibians of the World
Snakes of the World -
The EMBL Reptile Database
VHS.Com -Learning Centre - Genetics 101 to 501 and more

Herp Societies & Clubs International Herpetological Society
Societies & Clubs, Australia
Societies & Clubs, Canada
Societies & Clubs, South Africa
Societies & Clubs, UK
Societies & Clubs, USA

International Breeder Associations American Cornsnake Registry

Other Reptile Portals & Information Sources Center for North American Herpetology ( very good site)
Reptile Information Network
The Basking Spot

Research Articles - Africa Thermal Biology & Energetics Research Programme -

Societies & experts: International About - UK
American Society of Ichthyologist & Herpetology
Ark Reptile Group (UK)
California Herps
Centre for North American Herpetology
Chicago Herpetological Society
Cobra Information site
Colorado Herpetological Society - tree boas
Melissa Kaplan
NetVet Veterinary Resources and the Electronic Zoo
Pets Place
Reptiles & Amphibians of the UK
Sawgrass Herpetological Society of Broward County
Siar Anthranir Reptiles (Boas & other )
Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles
South Eastern Hot Herp Society -USA
Southern Reptile Education - BW Smith - USA
Tarantula's Burrow (spiders, snakes,scorpions)
Western New York Herpetological Society

Tour operators and facilitators Adrenalin Tours - Sean Thomas - South Africa
African Bush Tours and Safaris
Biological Research and Internships -
Blue Chameleon Ventures : - Madagascar Trips
Conservation Safaris - Herping
Designer Snake Safari - Reptile tours in South Africa
Kenya Snakes Safari
Letaka Safaris
Namibia Safari: Tours, Safaris, Vacation Travel in Namibia
Parawild Safaris for a hands-on, educational experience
Scientist & Students - tours in South Africa - crepinstitute
Tanzania Safaris & Conservation

Training and courses African Reptiles and Venom
Cape Reptile Institute
Cape Snakes - FGASA Snake Courses
Dewsbury C.R.A.F.T.S cc
Snake Getters: Snake Handling course on line

Wild life rehab & preservation FreeMe center for the rehabilitation of wildlife
Imhoff Snake & Retile Rehab Park - Kommetjie - Wild life rehab - Limpopo
Sanyati Nature Farm - KwaZulu-Natal
Southern Reptile Education - USA
The Care Centre - Durban (tortoises and terrapins)
The SanWild Wildlife Trust - NTVL

8. Links - Reptile Parks & Zoos 1. Other International Reptile Parks Cape Fear Serpentarium, Wilmington, North Carolina
Happ´s Reptile Zoo
HerpaWorld Inc - Philippines - (good content)
Katraj Snake Park - India
New Zealand's Reptile Park
Reptile Parks and Zoos - Australia
Reptile Parks and Zoos - Canada
Reptile Parks and Zoos - UK
Reptile Parks and Zoos - USA

2. South African and African Reptile Parks Other African Reptile Parks
South African Reptile Parks and Zoos

8. Links - Reptile Traders 1. About this section Reptile traders and breeders: an overview

Reptile Breeders Index to international Reptile Breeders

Reptile Retailers (pet shops) Index to international Reptile Retailers (pet shops)

Reptile Wholesalers Reptile Wholesalers, South African
Reptile Wholesalers, UK
Reptile Wholesalers, USA

International - Ball Pythons Ball Python World
Brian Sharp Reptiles
Camlon Reptiles (Het. Blood Pythons)
Graziani Reptiles (ball pythons)
Hardford Reptile Breeding Centre
RC Reptiles - Ron Crawford
Super Snakes (Rare ball pythons)
db Reptiles - UK (Royal pythons)

International - Boa's & Pythons Allboas
Boa Productions
Boa-Constrictors - Hermann + Erika Stöckl
Bushmaster Reptiles Inc
Cajun - Lousiana
Chondrodreams -Green Tree Pythons
Crested - also for Boa's
Cutting Edge - Boas & Pythons - Home of Extraordinary Ectotherms
Emerald Tree Boa Organization
Fine Green Tree Pythons
Ghi Reptiles (Amazon & Emerald tree)
Henry Piorun Reptiles (Canada) (Netherlands)
PM Herps
Rio Bravo Reptiles
Signal Herpetoculture (Green Tree & Emerald Tree)
The Carnivorous Orchid - Emerald Tree Boas
Vida Preciosa International, Inc.

International - Chameleons Panther chameleons - Michael Bisnauth - Canada

International - Colubrids MO
South Mountain Reptiles

International - General Captive Bred Excellence
Clay Davenport - Captive Bred Reptiles
Coast to Coast Exotics - UK
Crystal Palace - UK
Exotics by Nature
Mark Leshock Reptiles
Northern Reptiles - UK (Care sheets
Online auctions (interesting)
Regal Reptiles
Reptile Centre (UK)
Reptile City
Reptile - Far East - Canada
Stricktly Reptiles
Zoological Imports 2000 inc

International - Lizards, Geckos etc Absolute Reptile
Crystal Palace Reptiles
Gecko Network
Gecko Ranch
Pangea Reptile Company - Crested Geckos
UK Bearded Dragon

International - Monitors Lizards etc

International - Morph Specialists 1. Morphs defined by genus -, Inc. - Bartlett, IL
Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boa
Awesome Arboreals - Tony Nicoli - Emerald Tree Boa
Ball Python
Bearded Dragons and Other Creatures
Boa Constrictor Morphs
Boa Constrictor Store
Boa - Jeremy Stone Reptiles
Burke - Boas
Chad Horne Reptiles - Boa Constrictor Morphs
Constrictors Unlimited (HET. specialists)
Green Tree Pythons UK
Hartford Reptile Centre - Angolan & Ball Pythons
Jaguar Breeding Center
Jas Ball
Living Art Reptiles - Ball Python Morphs
Morph King Reptiles - Ball Python Morphs
NERD & Genetic terminology defined
Peter Kahl Reptiles - Ball Python Morphs
Ralph Davis Reptiles.
Reptilian Projects
Ron St Pierre - morphed monitors
Snowballs Ball Pythons
The Blood Line (Het. Blood Pythons)
The Snake Keeper - Ball Python Morphs
Unusual Albino Snakes - UK

8. Links - Species Specific Go to Mini Menu 1. Introduction 1. Reptile Species Specific website links:
2. Definition of menu bar titles.
3. Reptile Genus index

Alligators and Crocodiles Bibliography of Crocodilian Biology
Crocodilian Captive Care FAQ
Crocodilians, Tuatara, and Turtles of the World
Crocodilians: Natural History & Conservation
Paleosuchus Page - Reproduction & Captive Care
Tim Wiegmann's Crocodile Library
8. Dwarf Caiman

Snakes: Boas Index to species specific section : Boas

Snakes: Colubrids Index to species specific section : Colubrids

Snakes: Other species (NES) - colubrids, boas, pythons ++

Snakes: Pythons Index to species specific section : Pythons

Lizards: Bearded Dragons Index to species specific section : Bearded Dragon

Lizards: Chameleons Index to species specific section : Chameleons

Lizards: Geckos Index to species specific section : Geckos

Lizards: General 2. More info on Lizards
3. Books on Dragons, Iguanas, Lizards and Geckos
Lizard Diseases: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
Lizard Heaven
Pet Reptile Information
The Lizard Wizard - Breeder and Care Information
The Wonderful World of Water Dragons- Reptile Mag
Tricia's Chinese Water Dragon & reptile care

Lizards: Iguanas Index to species specific section : Iguana

Lizards: Monitors Index to species specific section : Monitors

Lizards: Other Species Index to species specific section : Other Lizards

Tortoises Index to species specific section : Tortoises

Turtle and Tortoise Index to species specific section : Chelonian

Turtles Index to species specific section : Turtles

Turtles - marine Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination in Turtles

9. Links - Country Specific Go to Mini Menu 1. Overview Links to reptile websites by Country
World Altas

Africa Reptile Websites of Africa (Exc RSA)

Asia (NES) 1. World Atlas of Asia
Aquatic Snakes of SE Asia -
Asiatic Cobra Systematics Page
Ecology Asia : Snakes of Southeast Asia
Hong Kong Reptile & Amphibian Society (HKRAS)
Iraq : Snakes of Iraq
Iraq : Venomous snakes are native to Iraq. - Reptiles Magazine
New Zealand Herpetological Society
New Zealand Lizard Zone
New Zealand's Reptile Park
New Zealand's Tuatara
New Zealand: Biosuppliers Live Insects
Pakistan : Venomous Terrestrial Snakes of Pakistan
Spitting Asian Cobras
The Snakes of Borneo

Australia Reptile websites of Australia

Canada Reptile websites of Canada (CA)

Central America - Mexico to Panama 1. Map of defined region
Aruba Island Rattlesnake - Fact Sheet - Woodland Park Zoo
Chiquita Nature & Community Project
Reptiles - Belize Biodiversity Information System
Tropical Snakes of Belize
Venomous Snakes of Costa Rica

European Economic Community(NES) Reptile websites of the EU

India Field Guide to Snakes of India (book)

Ireland - online pet store
Reptile Community - a new Irish forum
Reptile Village, - news item -
Reptile Village, Kilkenny, Ireland - Zoo

Japan Encyclopedia of Japanese reptiles
Herpetological Society of Japan
Japanese Giant Salamanders - Smithsonian
Reptiles of Hiroshima
Sea Turtle Association of Japan

Madagascar 1. Other links from this website on Madagasar
Chameleons of Madagascar - Luke's Madagascar Homepage
Photographs of reptiles in Madagascar
Photos of Madagascar from Julie Larsen Maher: Reptiles
Reptile Photos of Madagascar - Nick Garbutt
Vladimir Dinets - Madagasar Trip (good reptile pics)

Mexico Biodiversity of Mexico - reptiles

Philippines, Indonesia & Malaysia etc Guide To The Lizards Of Borneo
HerpaWorld inc. - Mario Lutz
Nature Malaysia Snakes, Herping & Forum
Philippines : Endemic Reptiles of: Philippines
Venomous Snakes of Malaysia - Professor Tan Nget Hong

Russia Department of Herpetology, Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian Journal of Herpetology

South Africa Reptile websites of South Africa

South America Snakes of Colombia
The Peruvian Amazon, Iquitos - reptiles

Sri Lanka 1. Sri Lanka: Wild Life, Fauna & Flora
1a. O'Shea Big Adventure in Sri Lanka
1b. Sri Lankan Lizards: kabaragoyas & Thalagoyas
1c. Sri Lanka
Snakebite in Sri Lanka -
Snakes of Sri Lanka

Sweden & Norway Helmeted Geckos (Tarentola chazaliae)
Karolinska Institutet - Reptile Diseases
Kingsear Reptiles - Sweden
National Swedish Herpetological Association (SHR)
Reptilcenter - Sweden ( rare morphs of Boas and Pythons)

Switzerland Buddha Boa - breeder of boa morphs
Swissherp (English)

Thailand Snakes of Thailand
Venomous snake husbandry in Thailand

USA - Orginal Links 1. USA Reptile websites - overview (523 Links)
Amphibians and Reptiles OF Dallas/Ft. Worth
Forum : North Dakota Herpers Forum
Iowa Herpetology
Oklahoma Herpetology website - Richard Butler
Snakes of Arkansas
Snakes of Louisiana

USA - By State 1. Reptile websites of the USA - by Sate
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

USA - by category Reptile websites of the USA - by category

United Kingdom Reptile Websites of the United Kingdom (UK)

10. Natural Environment 1. General 1. Reptiles in the wild: an overview

2. Reptiles & the Environment Reptiles & the Environment, Australia
Reptiles & the Environment, Canada
Reptiles & the Environment, South Africa
Reptiles & the Environment, UK
Reptiles & the Environment, USA

3. Academic Research Academic research on reptiles, Australia
Academic research on reptiles, South Africa
Academic research on reptiles, USA

4. Edcucational Websites Educational Websites, Australia
Educational Websites, Canada
Educational Websites, South Africa
Educational Websites, UK
Educational Websites, USA

Information on Biodiversity Biodiversity: An Economic Approach

International Reptile Forums - Reptile Conservation Resources, Inc. (USA)

Invasive Reptiles in the world Brown Treesnake on Guam
Brown tree snake - Threat to Hawaii
Brown tree snake images
Economic impact of invasive species (PDF)
Florida's Exotic Wildlife: status for 48 Reptiles
Impact of invasive species on reptiles & amphibia
Introduced Species in Hawaii
Invasive Species by Melissa Kaplan

Organisations: International African Conservation Foundation
Amphibia Web - amphibian biology and conservation
CITES Organisation
Center for Reptile and Amphibian Research
EnviroLink Network
Forest Conservation Portal
Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP)
IWMC World Conservation Trust
In-situ Wildlife Conservation - Bush Meat crisis
International Reptile Conservation Foundation
MWC - Madagascar Wildlife Conservation
Madras Crocodile Bank Trust - India ( Interesting!)
Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation
Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) -USA
Reptiles of British Columbia
Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles
The African Conservation Foundation
The TRAFFIC Network > East/Southern Africa
The TRAFFIC Network > USA is the world's largest..
World Conservation Union (IUCN)

Reintroduction Programs A Vision for Reintroduction ( 600 Kb pdf )
Case history of reintroductions - Brad Griffith
HerpaWorld Inc - Philippines
IUCN/SSC Re-introduction Specialist Group (RSG)
Lost lizards leap into Kent
Mona/Virgin Islands Boa
New Reptile Population for Hauraki Gulf Islands
Reintroduction Scientific Advisory Group
Round Island Nature Reserve, Mauritius (39Kb pdf)
Species Survival Plan : West Indian Rock iguanas.
The Action Plan for Australian Reptiles

Species - African Rock Python Caught in fishing net - from
Python Study Group

Species - Chameleons Cape Fold Dwarf Chameleon Project
The population dynamics of Malagasy Chameleons
Under the charm of chameleons
Win-Win Outcome for Development & Endangered Chameleons

Species - Crocodiles, Caiman & Alligator Black Caiman, Melanosuchus niger - Vermont Herpetology
Crocodile Specialist Group
Crocodilian Internet Resources
Crocodilians - Natural History & Conservation
Investigating Africa's Mysterious Cave Crocodiles
Nile Crocodile Trade - American University, DC
Order Crocodilia - Animal Diversity Web
Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan - Crocodiles
The American Alligator (Alligator mississipiensis)
The Crocodilian Collection - Reptile Magazine
Tim Wiegmann's Crocodile Library

Species - Lizards Blue Iguana Recovery Program - Cayman Islands
Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor
ICUN - Iguana Specialist Group
Little "dragons" at risk
Lizards in Cederberg Area - By Cape Nature
Sexy lizards! - Article by Dr. Martin Whiting
Swart Akkedisse
The Lizard Man of Matobo

Species - Mole Snake Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor

Species - Monitors Family Varanidae - Monitor lizards
Little Book of Monitor Lizards
Monitors of Africa - Wild Watch
Status of the Nile Monitor in SW Florida

Species -Tortoises & Turtles Care Centre - advisory & emergency services:Durban
EMYSystem - global turtle conservation
Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor - RSA
Home of the Map Turtles -
Homopus Research Foundation (Padloper Tortoise)
Race against extinction - South African Tortoises
Satellite tracking of marine turtles.
Snapping Turtle Page - info on Captive & Wild
The Anatomy of Sea Turtles
The Asian Turtle Crisis - WW
The EMYSystem - global turtle conservation
Tortoise Trust .org
Turtle (Panama + Costa Rica)
Turtle Survival Alliance - WW
Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group - WW
Turtles all the way - news blog
Why Buy Captive Bred Tortoises?
World Chelonian Trust

Threats to Indigenous Reptiles 1. Development, humans and loss of Habitat
2. Natural Predators - (FRR)
3. Smuggling of our reptiles into the pet trade.
5. Global Warming
Overview of the International Trade in Wild-Caught Reptiles
Running Out Of Reptiles -

Volunteer work - opportunities Green Volunteers - Conservation Volunteering Opportunities

What is the future for Herp Keeping 1. Biodiversity Act
2. Activists and their roll.
11. We need representation - Join a Herp Club NOW!

20. Enrichment for Reptiles 1. Overview 1. Enrichment 101
Monitors and Play Behavior

2. Links American Association of Zoo Keepers
Enrichment by Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Enrichment toys for animals - Sanctuary Supplies
Handling Reptiles -
PetClub UK - Enriching Your Lizards Life
PetClub UK - Enriching Your Snakes Life
Reptile Enrichment - National Zoo - Smithsonian
Reptile Enrichment at the Riverbanks Zoo
Reptile Exercise by Exotic Pet
Reptile Training and Reptile Behavior - Reptile Training .Com
Snakes Show Surprising Ability To Learn -
Suggested Guidelines for Reptile Enrichment - Toronto Zoo
Toronto Zoo - General Enrichment of Animals

Organizations Shape of Enrichment, Inc

40. Venomous Snakes - Info Go to Mini Menu 1. Overview 1. Venomous Snakes

2. Links - General Biology of Venomous Animals - Columbia University
Brian Bush's Homepage - Australia
Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry (Research & Forum)
Dr. Wolfgang Wüster (Research & Links)
Florida Venomous Keepers Society
Hot Herps - Florida
Photographs of the venomous snakes of Africa
Poisonous Snakes and Lizards - Survival IQ (www)
Snake Getters Venomous Snake Rescue & Training
Snake Query Database (USA)
Snakes of South Africa
Swiss Herp - herpetological societies
The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Page
US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76
USAAF -Poisonous Snakes and Lizards (Dutch site in English)
Venomous - Elapids Photo Gallery - Mark M Lucas
Venomous Photo Gallery @
Venomous Reptile Photos
Venomous Snakes by Photographer Mark Kostich

Books The Vipers of Europe - the book by Johan De Smedt
Venomous Reptiles of the Western Hemisphere

Medical Files E Doc - management of snakebites in South Africa
E Medicine Consumer Health - on snake bites
Management of Snake Bite -
Medical Encyclopedia Info on Snakebite
Snake Venom Slows Tumor Growth -
Snake venom in the development of an anticoagulant.
Snake venom with blood-clotting protein in taipan venom
Unique Anticoagulant Protein Complex - Rinkhals(H. haemachatus)

Medical Files (eMJA) Antivenom, anecdotes and evidence
Brown snake: Successful resuscitation
Brown snake: dosing in 35 patients
Snakebite and antivenoms in the Asia-Pacific

Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Med Distance learning lecture notes - 4 Distribution
Distance learning lecture notes - 5 Snake venom
Distance learning lecture notes - 6 Clinic
Distance learning lecture notes - 7 Treatment
Distance learning lecture notes - 8 Prevention

Venom & Antivenom Products etc. 1. Antivenom Availablity - International
Antivenom Manufactures - by
Bio-Ken Snake Farm - Kenya
Global Crisis Solution Center - List of Antivenom Suppliers
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Poultry Eggs May Yield Snake Antivenin
S.A. Venom Supplies cc.
Serpentoxin Laboratory - Florida
South African Vaccine Producers
Toxicology of Traditional Remedies

Venomous Bite Treatment 1. Immediate first Aid : Cape & RSA snakes
1. Immediate first Aid : N. America
1. Ophitoxaemia (Venomous snakebite)
1. Venomous Snakebites in the United States
2. Snakebite Protocols - Dr Davidson (UCSD)
3. - treatment of exotic snakes held by AUS Zoos
Acute renal failure following poisonous snake bite.
African Snake Bite Guidelines Simplified
Anaphylaxis and the Venomous Keeper -
Australian CSL Antivenom Handbook
Australian Snake Bite treatment
Clinical Management of Snake Bites in the SE Asia
Cortical blindness : An unusual sequela of snake bite
Episodes with Venomous Snakes: A Commentary
Global - registration required
Management of respiratory failure in severe neuroparalytic bite.
Merck & Co., Inc. on Venomous Snakes
My Rattlesnake Bite - Justin Schwartz
Neurological manifestations of snake bite in Sri Lanka.
Optic neuritis following snake bite
Rattlesnake bite and soft-tissue infection: report of a case
Snakebites in children in Africa: a practical approach
Treating & Preventing Venomous Bites by J Henke
Types of snakes and venom properties -
Zoobase - Venomous Snakes Database (Australia)

Venomous Breeders & Retailers - keeper of various species (EEC)
Venomous Breeders & Retailers - USA

40. Venomous Snakes- Species Go to Mini Menu 1. Overview & General Care Sheets Venomous Reptiles: Genus index
Venomous Snakes by Species: an Overview
Beginner's Guide to Keeping Venomous Snakes - Lenny Flank
Don't believe anything you see on tv
Episodes with Venomous Snakes: A Commentary
Feeding Problems and solutions
Hots By Allen Hunter
Keeping Venomous Reptiles -
Nature's Window - Photos
Rainforest Adventures
Venomous Snake by Common Name -
Venomous care sheets by Richard Mastenbroek

Adder - African (Vipers) (Sp Causus) 9. EMBL database - Species : Causus

Adder - African (Vipers)(Sp. Bitis) Index to the section: Adder - African (Vipers)

Adder - Death 1. - - Elapidae - Acanthophis
7. Desert Death Adder - - excellent photos
7. Pilbara Death Adder - - excellent photos
Death Adder - Common (Acanthophis Antarcticus)
Death-adder - (Acanthophis rugosus) -
Deathadders (Acanthophis ssp.)-Richard Mastenbroek

Boomslang Boomslang (Dispholidus typus)

Brown & Black Snakes (Australian) Common brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis) -
King brown/Mulga snake (Pseudechis australis) -

Bushmaster Bushmaster (Lachesis muta muta)

Cobra Index to the section: Cobras

Copperhead (sp Agkistrodon) 3. Copperhead Fact Sheet - National Zoo
7. Calphotos - pics of Copperheads
Animal Diversity Web
Captive Care of the American Copperheads
Illinois Natural History Survey
Smithsonian Institute - Northern Copperhead
Southern Copperhead (Agkistrodon Contortrix Cont)
World of the Agkistrodons

Coral Snakes 4.Snake Envenomations, Coral
African Cape Coral snake -
Coral Cobras By Kevin Torregrosa - Florida

European Viper 1. - Viperidae - Vipera
9. EMBL database - Genus : Vipera
European Horn-Nosed Viper (Vipera ammodytes)
The Vipers of Europe - the book by Johan De Smedt

Fer-de-Lance \ Lancehead 7. Calphotos - Bothrops asper (14)
8. - Viperidae - Bothrops
9. EMBL database - Genus: Bothrops
Bothrops asper: A collection of captive care notes By: Sierra
Captive care of B.asper -
Proyecto Terciopélo - fer-de-lance (Bothrops asper)

Mamba Index to other pages on the Mamba Genus: Dendroaspis

Moccasins \ Cottonmouth 1. Snake Envenomations, Moccasins by Sean P Bush,
2. Venom, Clinical Effects, etc
3. Cottonmouth Fact Sheet - National Zoo
4. Is it Really a Water Moccasin - Coastal Plains Reptiles
7. Calphotos - Pics of Cottonmouths
8. - Viperidae - Agkistrodon
9. EMBL database - Genus: Agkistrodon
Cottonmouth (Agkistrodon piscivorus)
Eastern Cottonmouth (Agkistrodon Piscivorus)
Illinois Natural History Survey
Smithsonian Institute - Cottonmouth fact sheet

Rattlesnakes (N. American) Index to other pages on Rattlesnakes :

Rinkhals (H. haemachatus) Rinkhals (Hemachatus haemachatus)

Taipan 7. Papuan Taipan - - excellent p
7. Western Taipan - - excellent photos
CSL Taipan Antivenom & Info On Taipans
Coastal Taipan In Captivity
Scotts Taipan Territory
The Taipans - The Barefoot Bushman

Tiger snake 7. Common Tiger Snake - - excellent photos
Common Tiger snake (Notechis scutatus) -
Eastern Tiger Snake In Captivity - venomousreptiles
The Tiger Snakes - The Barefoot Bushman

Viper - Asian Pit Vipers Index to other pages on Asian Pit Vipers:

Vipers Index to other pages on Vipers:

Vipers - 'Desert' Vipers 1. The Sand Viper Page
5. Clinical Toxinology Resources - Echis carinatus
5. Clinical Toxinology Resources - Vipera palaestinae
8. Sidewinder (Crotalus cerastes) - captive care By John Bakker

Vipers - African Bush Vipers Index to other pages on African Bush Vipers:

45. Other Exotic Pets Spider & Scorpion venom information Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine - About Spiders

Spider & Scorpion websites Scorpions of Namibia
Spider & Scorpion websites - Australia
Spider & Scorpion websites - South Africa
Spider & Scorpion websites - UK

International - Amphibians Breeding White's Tree frog By Marcus D Billings
Care sheets by Sand Fire Dragon Ranch

International - General - Invertebrates Purdue University - Entomology Links: approved websites
Swift's Invertebrates

International - Scorpions Scorpion Fauna
Scorpion SiteRing - links to scorpion resources
The Scorpion Link Page

International - Spiders & Tarantulas 1. British Tarantula Society
1. German Arachnologic Society
1. Malaysian Tarantula Society
Arachnopets - care, information & Forum
Krazy 8's Invertebrates
Michael Jacobi's Spider Shoppe
Minax Tarantulas
Phong's Tarantulas - Info & more Links
Scott's Tarantulas Home
Southern Spider Works
Tarantula' Burrow - UK
The Tarantula Store

International - Taxonomy The World Spider Catalog, Version 7.5

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