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Active content blocked??

This sites makes use of page frames and java script to control the opening of pages in the various window frames. Your system may be set to block active content. In which case you will be presented with the following message 

Click this area and select "Allow Blocked Content" followed by "Yes"

System does not support Page frames??

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Site Search??

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How do I use this "Data Drilldown system"

Note: A frameset is a method of dividing the browser page into a number of different sections or active partitions, called frames.

All the topics have been logically structured under headings and subheadings, each of which are presented in separate frames as follows: -

Our logo located here (4th frame)

ASPECT(1st level option) SECTION (2nd level option) DETAIL (3rd Level option)
(1st frame) (2nd frame) (3rd frame)


Click an option in this frame  --


 --  and data will be displayed here ---- and --

this page is reset to the default (blank) page.



Click an option in this frame  --

--  and data will be displayed here

    Click an option in this frame and it will open in a:
  • new window if its a link to another site.
  • In a window titled "RT_detail" if the link is to another page within our site.

When finished, you can return to the main page and select another topic. "RT_detail" will contain a history of all the pages opened from this site. Links to other sites will be opened in their own and new window.

By arranging the widows as in the following example the detail window will always be visible the selected detail of the index will be reflected on the extreme right of the browser window.




Detail is inactive and in Grey text

If the content of detail frame is empty it will appear as grey text, as in the following example.


The content is not available at this time AND will be completed in due course.


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Last update : 20/06/2006